The Enemy of My Enemy is...

Entry 1: Meet the Mason

On the afternoon of the 37th day of his Majesty, High King Antony XIII’s 51st year as High King, the servants of His Majesty’s Royal 6th Division of Uldany under command of Freya the Valiant were tasked with escorting Justicar and Prince of Uldany, Nigel the Average, to the Stockades of Mecca, the most notoriously cruel prison in the world to extract the legendary criminal “The Mason” and return him to Uldany for interrogation purposes.

The Mason was the criminal mastermind that stole the legendary Diamond Core from the dwarven kingdom’s royal treasury a few decades ago. He had not been seen since until two days ago when he walked up to the Stockades of Mecca and turned himself in. Anxious to get the location of the priceless jewel from him, the High King ordered his immediate retrieval.

On the 38th morning of the 51st year of His Majesty’s reign, the party set out with a wagon, headed west toward Mecca. On the second night of their journey, the 40th day, Prince Nigel called a halt and intended to stay the night at the Twin Dragon Inn along the highway. After taking a meal, he was given a message by a courier dressed in the garb of the kingdom of Uldany. When Prince Nigel broke the seal on the scroll, the inn burst into flames. Creatures of the netherworld crawled from the fires and began attacking the innocents in the commons room and bar area, and Prince Nigel himself was taken control by an other-worldly force and bore a glyph on his forehead. He set upon the group, claiming he would make this building their funeral pyre.

The heroes of the crown managed to slay the minor demons and forced the elemental spirit posessing the Prince from his body. After slaying that, they made good their escape with the Prince, a bard, and all but 3 of the patrons that had died of injuries from the first wave of attack. Everyone but the group headed out into the surrounding villages, returning home as best as they could.

When they were a half day from the prison, Prince Nigel took ill. The heroes raced him to Mecca for medical attention and were informed he would not be able to travel for a few days and the doctors would put him on a ship for Uldany the next morning. They stayed the night, then went to the prison the next morning to retrieve the prisoner.

The Mason was handed to them bound in excessive chains that restrained even his fingers and toes. He sat in the back of the wagon while the group headed back to Uldany. A day out from Uldany, they came upon a roadblock—a tree laying across the highway. Bandits erupted from the tall grass all around them and were perched as well on the sheer cliff to their side. A massive orc with a sick looking axe attacked the group head-on, a noticably red glyph on his neck. The heroes protected their prisoner while fighting off the bandits until they had all been slain. After picking up their ill-cared for gear and loading it up, they returned to the city.

The next morning, they were told to attend a ceremony being held by Prince Nigel to honor some local heroes. When they arrived, they were put-out to learn that the medals of honor being presented were to a group of adventurers they had never seen before but were being credited for saving the Prince’s life. The group was asked to pin the medals on the new party as servants of the Prince, but were invited to dine with the other servants at a banquet held in honor of the new heroes.

Adventure Length: 9 days.


Raze’s Journal,
Entry 1, Day 37 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

Under the suggestion of Dominic, I have adopted the habit of writing my thoughts within the confines of a leather bound book. He called it a journal. I am told that many soft-fleshed sentients use the blank pages to describe the goings on of their day-to-day lives and describe their feelings, dreams, and desires. Since I do not dream and my only desire is to have a purpose, the only two reasonable purposes for owning this book are to recount any events of significance, and to express my feelings. I do not fully understand why I would do this, or how to adequately describe many of these “feelings”, but I am compelled to humor Dominic, who seemed rather concerned by my brooding nature.

This morning, Dominic gifted me with the leather bound tome in which I am writing in now. The day was uneventful. A few fist fights broke out near a tavern. We were encouraged not to intervene on behalf of the Justicar. Such is the way in District 6. During the final meal of the day, my comrades were visited upon Bonc, a Goliath who carries on him a large maul he has aptly named “Mercy”. Given what seems like a rather low intelligence, I can only assume that it was not Bonc who named the weapon, but rather another being who possessed a working knowledge about the nature or irony. Bonc’s visit was not a social call. None of his visits are.

He delivered a missive that detailed a task that was to be accomplished by our commanding officer, Freya the Valiant; a Goliath Paladin trained by the very dwarves that created me. Her team, which consists of Dominic Maddox; our wizard, Kirrill; a dragonborn ranger from the north, a mentally disturbed half-orc aptly named Yurik the Brash, and myself, were to accompany the Justicar of District 6, Prince Nigel the Average, to a stockade outside the city of Mecca. Once there our orders were to collect the prisoner known as “The Mason”, and deliver him back to Uldany where he would be interrogated.

I had hear rumors of this mysterious dwarven thief known as The Mason. It was said that nearly three decades ago, he pilfered the Diamond Core, a perfectly cut legendary gem the size of a grown human’s head from the dwarven kingdom’s royal treasury. The treasury was infamous for being thief-proof, though somehow The Mason’s skill was such that he was able to deactivate and reactivate each of the treasury’s many lethal pitfalls and traps. After that, he disappeared with the Diamond Core, and was not heard from since, or rather until two days ago when he turned himself in. Reports say that he had no personal effects on his person, save for a pair of shorts, which were his only attire.

I am curious as to why a being so skilled at stealth and infiltration, someone who defied logic and managed to escape unscathed, would suddenly, decades after his crime, turn himself in. It makes very little sense to me, though I am told by my superiors, which consists of approximately 93% of Uldany, that such things are not for me to contemplate to question.

As the night drew to a close, and Kirrill had lost consciousness due to imbibing copious amounts of fermented barely liquid, my mind began to wonder what methods the Royal Interrogators would implement in order to extract the location of the Diamond Core. I recounted several of my favorites.

* * *

Raze’s Journal,
Entry 2, Day 38 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

My companions were awakened this morning to the destruction of their door by Bonc. It is his form of knocking. He alerted them that Prince Nigel was waiting. After gathering their gear, they joined me and we set out to meet the Prince.

Prince Nigel had been dubbed the average by the populace of Uldany. The name was fitting, as the man seemed both average in appearance and demeanor. It is widely speculated that he somehow had done something to anger his father, the High King, and thus was demoted to the 6th District, the lowest district, as a punishment. In that time, he had been handed several dangerous, if not potentially suicidal mission. To his credit, he always managed to survive.

I commend his durability.

We met the Prince, who was already on horseback. He motioned to a nearby cart drawn by another horse, We elected Dominic to drive the beast of burden. The Prince set off, and we followed. For the entirety of the day, Prince Nigel said nothing to us. I personally thank him. Conversation, especially drawn out conversation, is uncomfortable. I have very little that I would like to discuss, and of the things I do enjoy discussing, I have very little to say.

Silence, as it is said, is golden.

We stopped twice. Once so that Prince Nigel could relieve himself in a field. Another was so that he could prepare himself a few strips of fried pork shank. I believe the commoners call it bacon. We finally came to rest and readied a camp. Prince Nigel set himself apart from us, and maintained his silence. Again, I am thankful. For a reason I cannot explain, campfires cause many races to divulge information about their lives, their people, and their previous experiences. Seeing the Prince resist this urge, despite his soft-fleshed nature is inspiring.

Dominic joined me on first watch. We discussed our differences as casters of the Arcane. I have not yet told him how it is that I cast my spells, as my maker, Fargrimm, warned me that doing so could endanger my continued existence. I find that I am not bothered carrying on conversation with Dominic. It is perhaps that we have a common bond in both magic and our place as property of the military. The second watch has also been uneventful. I have used this time to utilize this journal. The third watch is approaching quickly. Yurik as volunteered to join me. I believe that I will take this time to shut down. Yurik has keen eyes, but has a tendency to talk to himself. It is possible, though unlikely that he is speaking to an invisible being that responds to him mentally. Whomever it is, it goes by the name Yuri.

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 3, Day 40 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

Another day spent in silence. It is plain to see that Prince Nigel does not like the assembled group before him. I theorize that aside from the two arcane casters, which his family is well known for disliking, our squad is comprised of misfits, even for the relaxed standards of the 6th District.

At sunset, we arrived at an Inn along the highway. The sign above the door read The Twin Dragon. The Prince extended the invitation to any of us that could afford lodging to join him at his dinner table. Being a thing that does not consume food, nor requires lodging, I felt the invitation to be a moot point. The others spent an cumulative sum of two gold pieces.

Kirrill and Yurik made haste to the commons where the sounds of uproarious laughter could be heard at random intervals. Dominic joined the Prince for his meal, though from what I noticed, the two spoke not single syllable to one another. I joined cour commanding officer, Freya, at the bar, where she seemed to be indulging in the same fermented drink the dwarves that trained her were accustomed to. Judging by the look of displeasure on her face, I could tell she did not enjoy her beverage. I think that her time with the dwarves conditioned her pallet to a higher standard or fermented drink. Dwarven beverages are often thick, heavy, and produce a large amount of foam on the top. Freya’s drink appeared more a yellow water.
In such cases, I am thankful that I cannot taste things.

While I suggested to Freya that we gather any information from the inn’s patrons that could be used to discern any security threats to Prince Nigel while on his journey, I noticed a courier in official Uldany uniform hurry though the dining hall. He handed Prince Nigel a sealed letter and exited the premises promptly.

The Prince excused himself from the table and adjourned to the commons. I moved towards the doorway to the commons to keep a closer eye on the Prince and discern any possible threats. Out secondary orders were to ensure nothing would happen to him during the course of our mission.

I peered in to see the Prince open the seal to the letter. It was then that the inn erupted with fire, and several impish creatures pulled themselves into being from the very floorboards. Patrons panicked and scurried about. Judging that the Prince was in excellent care from Dominic, Yurik, and Kirrill, I saw it fit to assist Freya in eliminating the creatures in the dining hall.

I tapped into the essence of my eldritch energy and focused it into a concentrated beam, destroying creature after creature with ease, though I could not help but feel some familiarity when faced with these particular foes. Before long, Freya and I had managed to clear a path to the door, though our efforts were diminished by the screaming, frightened patrons that clung to us tenaciously, begging for assistance. I was relieved when the smoke forced several of them to fall unconscious. Their screams were far too distracting.

Still, as military personnel of Uldany, were are charged with the defense of the citizenry, despite their fragile nature, or perhaps because of it. I decided that it would be in the best interest of all remaining survivors to quell the fires. I quashed one of these fires by smothering it with an unattended table. It was then that I realized my companions, Kirrill, Yurik and Dominic had not yet emerged from the commons.

I left the survival of the remaining patrons in the hands of the paladin and stalked through the fires that separated the commons from the dining hall. Once in the room, I scanned the area quickly, searching for survivors. In the corner, cowering behind a couch, was the bard. The room was empty for the most part. I looked up the stairs to notice Dominic and Yurik standing near Prince Nigel.

Dominic informed me that the Prince was not himself, but rather under the control of an unidentified possessing entity. It seemed my companions were attempting to subdue him. Keeping in mine our own survival rested on that of the Prince’s, and our surroundings quickly becoming uninhabitable, I surmised the best course of action would be to remove the Prince’s ability to fight. I shot forth black ribbons that drained his life force, and bolstered me.

It was at this time that the possessing entity exited the Prince’s body via his mouth and collected upon the landing at the top of the stairs. It collected itself and began to smolder. Within moments it had formed into a blazing creature comprised of scolding magma.

Dominic harried it with magic, while Kirrill, who had previously been prone at the creatures feet and had since rose, struck it with vicious attacks. Yurik, taking advantage of the creature’s divided attention, struck it in one of it’s softer parts. The eruption of flames from within signaled Yurik’s discovery of a weak point, a talent that the half-orc has always been quite competent in.

The creature wisely chose Yurik to be the most threatening enemy given the information it had been able to acquire. It shot forth a stream of quickly cooling magma that burned the half-orc and held him tightly in place.

Unfortunately the magma beast had not taken me into account. I connected my tainted soul to his, linking us and granting me the advantage. The taint of my essence began to eat away at it slowly. It threatened to burn my companions and I to cinders. I found the comment laughable, in in fact I ever laughed. It it wished to learn of fire, I would educate it.

Our souls linked, I stepped into the inferno behind me, allowing my body to be engulfed with flame. My pain became his. Whatever agony I experienced was delivered unto him threefold, but I was not done. I called upon the hottest flames from the darkest regions of the nine hells and seared my enemy.

My hellfire overcame him, and he was no more. Vanquished, the creature’s apparent spell over the inn was broken. Each window exploded outward, and the fires, fueled by the rushing air, grew. The inn could take no more and began to collapse. Yurik took the prince and leaped from an upstairs window. Kirrill followed. I chose a more direct rout through a window in the commons. Dominic likewise chose a similar route. Before vacating the building, I took hold of the cowardly bard, taking him to safety.

No sooner had we escaped then the inn imploded in smoke and cinders that rose to the sky. It seemed that Freya had managed to removed the remaining patrons. The survivors took stock of what they had experienced and scattered west and east.

The Prince, seemingly embarrassed or confused by events, mounted his horse and rode a ways down the road. We were able to eventually catch up to him, and made camp down the road. Dominic performed a ritual that provided us with an instant camp.

The Prince took no part in it.

Yurik joined me for the first watch, where I shut down for a brief period of time. The second watch has come and I sit here in the night, reflecting on what has transpired today. The creatures in the inn, I am confused as to what their purpose could be, or why that letter was delivered to the Prince.

The magics used were powerful ones, not to be taken lightly. Whomever was the puppet master no doubt wields a great and terrible power to have such a lack of reguard for the citizens of the Kingdom, and for the royal family, even a cast out son such as Prince Nigel. If this being can so effortlessly control the High King’s son without fear of reprisal, then it is a dangerous enemy the likes of which none of us have ever known.

The question remains though, who was the target of that spell, Prince Nigel, or us?

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 4, Day 41 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

The Prince has taken ill. Though I have never experienced sickness or disease myself, I have witnessed it’s ravages on the organic. They appear to be… unpleasant. The Prince’s skin has become pale and waxy-looking. His movements are slower. Every clomp of the horse’s hoof causes his head to bob from side to side, like an unattended martinet in the wind. This is the weakness of flesh. It is so fragile.

When we found ourselves half a day from the prison, the Prince fell from his horse. Freya examined him. He was suffering from a severe fever. We debated amongst ourselves on what was the best course of action. Were we to continue with the planned schedule and retrieve the prisoner, or would we spirit the Prince away to Mecca. We decided in the end to seek medical attention to for the Prince.

We arrived in Mecca just before the doors were shut for the night. We were able to locate the hospital, and turned the Prince over to their custody. They assured us that Prince Nigel would receive the best care and be placed upon the next ship to Uldany. That night we were able to stay in the visitor’s ward.

I still am left to wonder what being could have accomplished this. Not only was it able to summon beings from another plane, control an elemental, and seal an inn, making it effectively escape proof, but it had also placed this illness on the Prince. To what end was this being’s desire? Had it failed in killing the Prince or us, or had it succeeded in some way we were at the moment unaware of.

Perhaps I am paranoid. Perhaps I am cautious.

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 5, Day 42 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

As dawn broke, we rode off to the stockade. We arrived near midday, when the sun was at it’s peak. A host of guards ushered out a heavily shackled, heavily chained dwarf towards our cart. It seemed that they had accounted for every possible escape scenario. The Mason’s toes and fingers had likewise been shackled, making it seemingly impossible for him to implement them in any way.

Of course, it was said that it was impossible to infiltrate the dwarven kingdom’s royal treasury.

The Mason seemed to effortlessly hop into the cart without assistance. He then sat and awaited his fate, saying nothing. I appreciated that fact about the enigmatic dwarf. His silence allowed me to contemplate the scene from the inn.

As we strode on, I reconstructed the events in my mind once more. I was convinced that I was missing something. We soon came to a downed tree in the road, near a rock face. It was then that I found myself being attacked by a burley orc wielding a vicious looking axe. The attack had taken me off guard. My companions sprang into action, Kirrill felling archers above. Yurik sprang into the tall grass, slaying unseen foes. Dominic sent the remaining enemies on the rock face flying to their doom with a mighty clap of conjured thunder.

Tapping into the powers that suffuse my soul, I tore my body apart and reconstituted it instantly a safe distance away. It is unimaginably painful, but was necessary to my survival. I then siphoned the orc’s life force into my body, temporarily healing my wound.

Freya challenged the axe-wielding orc, who was gracious enough to comply. Dominic removed any threats from behind the wagon, and Kirrill, who stood guard over The Mason, fired into the long grass, his arrows hitting solidly into several targets.

The orc battled Freya furiously, and I moved to a more advantageous vantage point. As I was about to summon the golden fires of hell to scorch our enemy, I became distracted. Upon the orc’s neck was a rune, similar, if not identical, to the one that appeared upon the Prince’s head during his possession.

Yurik, never once to miss an opportunity to spring from virtually nowhere, attacked the orc, severing an artery. He died within moments. We picked the bodies clean of valuables, taking into our possession the wicked axe that cut deeply into my metallic flesh. The Mason seemed wholly unaffected by this assault.

We stopped for camp near sunset. Each of us took turns keeping a close watch on the prisoner. It has been a few hours now since I’ve taken watch, and The Mason has not yet spoken. I thanked him for that. He does not seem to mind my scribbling upon the pages of this book.

The orc’s rune vexes me. Was he a minion of whatever power arranged the battle at the Twin Dragon Inn, or was he another hapless victim?

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 6, Day 43 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

This morning we came across the remains of the Twin Dragon Inn. We dug through it’s smoldering remains, finding Prince Nigel’s fallen broadsword. It was thought by many of my companions that retrieving this weapon would curry favor with the Prince who would no doubt be thankful.

We experienced to further delays, not attempts on The Mason’s life. The dwarf still remains silent, as do many of my traveling companions. It seems that they are in deep thought, like me. This journey has been one bizarre encounter after another. As we draw closer to Uldany, I find myself curious about the condition of Prince Nigel. I do not house a particular care for his well being above notion that his survival means my survival.

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 7, Day 44 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

Another day traveled. Another day without event. Tomorrow we arrive in Uldany, prisoner in tow. I find it strange that while under our care, he has not made an attempt to escape. He has had every opportunity. Not even during the attack by the runed orc and his cohorts did The Mason make any attempt to flee. Was the master thief so sure of his fate that he would willingly walk into Uldany, knowing full well what would become of him? Did her perhaps have another plan? Was this a means to get into the city for yet another, grander heist?

The Mason’s motivations remain a mystery to me.

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 8, Day 45 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

Uldany. We arrived as the sunset. The doors to the city were being barred. We were denied entrance but were able to transfer the prisoner immediately into the custody of the Uldany city guard. That was the last time I saw the chained form of The Mason.

We returned to our dwelling. There, my companions slept in their own beds for the first time in a week. I do not understand the need to attach one’s self to a sack full of down and springs as the height of comfort. The soft-fleshed races are peculiar in this way.

As we were not executed on sight, I can only assume the Prince was delivered safely back to the city, and since we were not imprisoned, he did not appear to take offense to our leaving him in the care of the hospital of Mecca.

As I long out over the fires that dot across the chaotic layout of the Labor District, I cannot help but feel a sense of security at being back in this place I am told to call home.

* * *

Raze’s Journal
Entry 9, Day 46 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

Rumors were about this morning. There was talk of Prince Nigel holding a special ceremony to honor a small group of military personnel who saved his life. I wondered if perhaps that group was Freya’s squad. We did in fact deliver the Prince into the hands of the hospital of Mecca when he had become gravely ill. The idea of being honored gave me a feeling of growing discomfort.

Would someone honor a sword for cutting an enemy? The idea was preposterous, and therefore it seemed rather silly that such an honor would be bestowed upon a tool of war, such as myself. Further, I feel that the act of honoring those who kept the Prince alive only to keep themselves alive is without merit, but those thoughts are probably why I would make a poor diplomat.

The dislike and annoyance of most living things compounds that theory.

My suspicions of this ceremony were deepened when Bonc arrived to inform us that we were summoned by the Prince to a special ceremony, and that our appearance was to be spotless. Dominic when to work utilizing his prestidigitation spell to clean our warn and filthy armor, and my discomfort grew.

When we arrived before the Prince, he handed us each a dark wooden box. He told us when we were on stage, we were to look into the box and act surprised and impressed. I voice my concerns, as my facial expression is the same for both surprise, content, and angry. The Prince ignored my concern.

A crowd soon gathered as we stood on the stage, boxes in hand. He gave an average speech about the bravery of those who rescued his life from certain peril. He then suprsed me by calling another group of military personnel to the stage, It seemed as if these people were the ones he spoke of.

I am not sure why, but I felt the strongest urge to incinerate the Prince where he stood, and reap his soul.

I did not heed this urge.

Despite my irritation with the Labor District’s Justicar, I felt my discomfort with the situation melt away. We opened the boxes to find a medal, forged of gold and encrusted with diamonds. It was the most impressive gem crafting I had seen outside the dwarven kingdoms. We pinned out medal onto these strangers to the applause of the crowd.

I noticed the Yurik seemed to be quietly seething at the man whom he placed his medal on. The man, however, only smiled widely at the half-orc. We were invited to a banquet in the ‘heroes’’ honor, as long as we agreed to dine in the servants quarters. After all, our kind is best neither seen nor heard.

It is times like this I am glad I do not ingest food.

Entry 1: Meet the Mason

Day 38

This evening we left for the stockade outside of mecca. This, Mason seems to be a criminal of the highest regard. Nigel and Justicar told us to not trust any of his movements or words. An uneventful day.

Day 39

Walking still another day to half way point. Freya does her best to keep morale up for Nigel will not speak to us. What with two magisters, a goliath, a half-orc, and my scaly self, we must be “dirty” or some other thing i dont understand. I dont see how it matters if we were born pure blood human or with tentacles for eyes. Of the few teachings i remember from the Bloodfang elders, its that all creatures who exist had no say in the matter. So even tho their race may be known only for mischief, they are only a product of the way of the world. All creatures who exist do so because they must. That is the instinct inside of everything. Another day of watching Nigel eat bacon and beautiful, salted things in front of us and our bread. Another uneventful day.

Day 40

The things i saw today….We stopped at an inn, something about dragons. I wasn’t paying attention, but i trusted it. we payed for room and board, and before we could enjoy any of it, there was terrible fire from beyond life. Unholy souls drenched in hellfire rose from the floor itself. Nigel stood, eyes glowing, and a forehead stamped with a symbol obviously meant for harm of some kind. Maddox placed the prince to sleep. I tried to carry him out of the flames, started by the creatures, and upstairs to safety. He woke at the top, and started to attack me. Yurik joined me and tried to escape but to no avail, there was some sort of magik barrier. Before long, all but Freya joined us as nigel fell again but arose from his mouth was the true evil. Some…..lava ..thing. we fought it and finally metal man burnt it to death. Ironic. The barrier wore away. We escaped and found Freya helping all the people out of the inn. We gathered and left. More walking.

Day 41

The prince took ill. We decided to take Nigel to a hospital in Mecca. We had to leave him and get the prisoner. Walking still.

Day 42

I’ve been informed after much complaining to Freya, that I’m marching, not walking. My mistake….This was not what i had planned when i joined the military. We have taken the short hairy thing called mason. He is quiet, surprisingly quiet for a man covered in chains. We ride. A tree lay in the road, we stopped prepared for a trap. I jumped onto the wagon in time to spot bandits coming from both sides. Not a big problem tho. The pissed off Orc on the other hand seemed to be a bit of a deal. But soon he fell too. We gathered all gear worth taking, and continued onward.

Day 43

We stopped at the smoldering inn. They found Nigels sword that he dropped. “marching on”

Day 44

Marching. A bed would be nice. Or a steak.

Day 45

Finally we arrive back in Uldany. Thought the gates were closed. The prisoner was given but we had to stay the night out.

Day 46

There was call for us to attend a ceremony from Nigel. He was to hand out awards to “heroes”. We handed these awards to them. You are welcome Prince, maybe we should have just let him burn. Oh well, at least we got invited to the banquet. -Kirrill

Entry 1: Meet the Mason

Day 46 of the 51st year of our oppression under King Antony the Arsehole

Writing about problems gives your right brain food for creative problem solving. It’s amazing what happens when the creative part of your nature starts working on a problem – you’ll soon find solutions bubbling up from your subconscious mind. That is my reason for recording these events, get them down on paper and maybe make some sense of them.

We were sent to retrieve “The Mason”, big bad dwarven thief, steals the un-stealable type. Most notably stole the Diamond Core from the dwarven Kingdom’s royal treasure few decades back. Apparently the blighter just up and turns him self in out in Mecca. Bronc The Great Git delivered the orders, that tosser has it coming, you don’t go around punching in everyones door with out pissin off a few people, and the people in the district 6 habit of knifing people that piss them off. I digress, to make this just alittle more fun prince Nigel the arsehole came on our little excursion, The only thing I’ll give that ponce is he’s and equal opportunity hater, doesn’t just have a mad-on for us Mages.

So thats thats the why. Here’s the how and the what, with some who and where thrown in for contextual reasons.

  1. We stopped at this little side of the road place, The Twin Dragons, while there the prince resivece a missive and the prat actually opens it with out having one of us check it first, how he lived this long is beyond me. You’d think that the someone who was sent on near-to-certianly-fatal mission on regular basis would have developed some sense of caution. SO what does this tell us this tells us? that the seal he saw was from someone he trusted or he’s and even bigger berk than I thought. granted that doesn’t tell me much, as it IS his own family that sends him on these suicide runs. Couple that with that fact that he’s a total wanker and the list of people he counts as allies gets mighty short AND the plot thickens. So he breaks the seal and BLAM!( that is an industry term for something unexpectedly magicky happening) The bloody inn is on fire and these little nether world creature are crawling around everywhere(gotta do some research as to what exactly those little buggers were) and if that weren’t enough the poncy prince is possessed (turns out later to be magma elemental). he had a glyph on his for head * sketch of Glyph* Tried to put him to sleep but he didn’t stay down long. after the fact he came down with some kind of sickness(I’ve dispatched a letter to the healers that took care of him in Mecca inquiring as to the exact nature of the sickness.) On a far more personal note I should have just let him die one less magic hater/tyrant in the world. Unfortunately that sort of thing would have come back on me and the squad and even though they can be pricks they don’t deserve that… I think… well definitely not metal man we creatures of magic gotta stick together. oh yeah and we saved some other people including a bard who had some interesting tales that didn’t fit with the excepted history of our world today. Note To Self: Find Blarmpot Bard and have a chat with him.
  1. so we save the prince’s ass and picked up The Mason nice enough fellow kinda guy it’d be good to know judging by how he moved in the excessive chains and whatnot on him I imagine there’s no where could hold or bar him if he didn’t allow it. Note To Self: if free time allows visit prisoner.
  1. We got attacked big surprise. It was the classic tree across the road roadblock. I think metal man was the only one caught off guard we laid waste to the poor bastards. used Hamut to good effect. Of note in this conflict was the Leader a Huge Orc tosser yelled specifically “kill the dwarf and the others” The dwarf was in chains and every ambush I have seen or partaken in has begun with the battle cry of “Kill them all” Not " Kill the defenseless one, oh yeah and the other ones to while you at it" especially when a berserker is involved they usually only get out a “killlllllll” much less shouting out specific targets, Usually…. either way the bugger had another glyph Sketch of Glyph on his neck.

Other things of note in this little episode we got the Tosser Prince’s sword back less a he needs it or it was nice and more fuckers would have taken it out if our hide if they wanted to Rule #12 For Serving a Master: Never give them an excuse if you can avoid it and remind your self of Rule #1 Masters are never masters forever. Also got to pin medals on some poxy plonkers that saved the prince’s life. good for them, hope they choke on the fame. As for my….“Mates” what a right bunch of tossers. I realize my place in this world but you’d think I could earn some respect form the people I help on a daily basis. I’m truly suprised by the yokels usually they have some reverence for casters. we are far more appreciated out of Uldany in the wilds where our craft can make a hard miserable existence almost bearable. oh well such is life. they’ll either come around or plummet to their deaths when i forget to cast feather fall on them next time the go balls first in to a situation with out thinking first. At least I got Metal Man. Cor! If one were to have an army of him! Could you imagine!? Legions of chunks of talking metal slinging the arcane about and with malleable moral and world veiws. I gotta find out more about how he was made and the source of his power. I think he and I could be the Very best of friends.

Note To Self: Get this thing enchanted with a Consuming Conflagration effect don’t need this naff falling in to the wrong hands won’t want some one to get the wrong impression. Plus it’s easy to tell if some one has been nosing about your stuff if they’re nursing third degree burns.

Entry 1: Meet the Mason

Normal day in the army of Uldany. Dinner time, my comrades and I were interrupted by Bronc. Although him and I are of the same race, I in no way found him attractive and actually was insulted by the way he said very little while practically throwing orders in my face and steeling the little human Dominic’s food. I would have said something but he sadly was bigger than me, which is a big deal because I’m bigger than everyone else.
The task was to escort Prince Nigel to Mecca, retrieve a dwarven thief named “The Mason” from the prison, and return to Uldany for interrogation. This thief is very well known and notorious. He has never been caught. Even after stealing a “thief-proof” large rare diamond he was mysteriously never even seen before or after the event. The mason turned himself in. Now thinking to myself, why would a man do that? What is he running from? Or who is he hiding from?
Kirril and I had been drinking. He’s so funny, he thinks he can out drink me.
My entourage and I were awoken very early by Bronc, who destroyed my door and will replace it when I get back from my mission. Prince Nigel was on his horse and ready to go already. To me, Nigel seemed like a pitifully weak man trying as hard as he could to impress his father and get into his good graces. I believe he was trying too hard. I picked up Dominic, the smallest of our group, and plopped him into the seat of the cart. “You’re the smallest you drive” I said to Dominic in so many words. During our entire time with Nigel he did not speak. We stopped when he wanted to stop and he ate his own food which always included bacon. He never asked if we were tired or thirsty or needed to stop, and he never shared his food. I believe if Prince Nigel really wants to show off his leadership skills worthy of being King one day he should at least speak to the commoners, aka us.
Raze seems always loyal. He stays close by and asks my opinion on many things, most of them strategic in nature. He never undermines my authority but also does his own thing. I’m not sure if a creature like himself has feelings or thinks only to optimize his current circumstances.
We finally reached an Inn called the Twin Dragon notably for the glass mural at the entrance. Prince Nigel snobbishly informed us that if we could afford it we could lodge. As if we were too poor to not afford it. I slapped down 2 gold, which paid for the entire party’s lodging for the night.
Prince Nigel took a table in the corner of the room and was followed closely by Dominic. I truly think Dominic only sat with Nigel to get a rise out of him…typical for humans. Kirril and Urik, like children, pranced into the commons. I suddenly felt embarrassed of my extreme height and decided my best option was to immediately sit down at the bar and not draw attention to myself. I don’t think I was very successful as Raze sat right next to me and all the humans in the tavern were curiously looking in our direction. I made sure to position myself within eye sight of the prince. Raze once again asked me if we should suggest Urik the Orc to investigate the town further.
While he spoke to me a man hastily walked toward the Prince and gave him a letter. I thought it nothing, probably just normal updates from Uldany. Wanting his privacy he walked into the commons with Dominic closely following. At this point he was in eye sight of the others and I was going to sit and enjoy a drink. Suddenly the entire room burst into flames and creatures appeared also on fire. The doorway between Raze and I and the others of our group was engulfed in fire. Loudly I yelled protect the Prince.
Out of nowhere a voice rained over the Inn and said “You think you can hide from me in the army of Uldany. This building will be your pyre.” Raze and I easily fought off the creatures and tried to save the innocent, or at least I was trying. The air was so thick with smoke I headed toward the door and tried to force my way out. When I slammed into the door, I could feel it break but I was forced back. When I looked up, the door was in perfect condition. I immediately knew there was some kind of spell. I returned to the other room and tried to put out the flames. I looked toward the commons to see if the others had gotten out or if they had performed a spell to fix the doors and they were nowhere to be seen but I could hear them shuffling about upstairs.
Raze must have sensed my worry and walked confidently through the flames. Of course he would have been unhurt. I hoped he would return with word from the others quickly. After a few moments I could hear the breaking of windows. I motioned for the rest of the people to come toward the door. This time I broke the door easily escaping the burning building. I had just enough time to catch my breath when I looked up to see the rest of my comrades and Prince Nigel beaten and bruised.
He took off on horseback without even stopping to address us. We ran after him and set up camp together. The others informed me of Prince Nigel being possessed and attacking them and a fire elemental. They also spoke of a green symbol on Nigel’s forehead when he attacked them. We continued on the next morning like nothing ever happened and the prince never spoke about it. I’m sure he was embarrassed to be a pawn of a spell caster, the ones he hates so much. We were close to the prison when Prince Nigel fell off his horse.
I rushed up to him. He was feverish to the touch. The others suggested continuing on to the prison, retrieving The Mason, and returning quickly to Uldany. Recalling the voice in the inn and how easily prince nigel was corrupted while in full health I was not going to let him walk into an ambush at the prison. For all I knew the letter to send us there to pick up The Mason was a trap to lure the eager prince. The littlest one Dominic even suggested splitting up, what a fool. He had no way of knowing what was truly going on. The group agreed with me to bypass the prison to Mecca. We left him in the hands of the hospital who said they would send him back to Uldany by ship the next morning. I trusted that he was being watched closely by others and knew we needed to get the Mason on behalf of the prince either way.
We reached the prison and it was not an ambush, thankfully. The Mason was fully chained and cuffed. When I saw him I assumed this would be easy until I saw him seamlessly hop into our caravan with all the chained on him and little room to even move. I wonder if he was using magic by mumbling them under his breath to aid him and if that is how he was such a great thief.
We wanted to quickly return to Uldany and continued on our journey back. We ran across a fallen tree in the middle of the road. I was totally oblivious thinking of the mason when we were attacked. I took on an orc that wore a red symbol on his neck. After his defeat the others told me it was the same symbol prince Nigel had. We stashed their gear and headed back to the twin dragon inn to dig up nigel’s sword which was luckily still there.
We continued back to Uldany, all the meanwhile I wondered if the orc and his minions had meant to attack nigel, the mason, or the one who was “hiding in the army of Uldany”. At this point I suspected Dominic, he was the only one who I knew of who was running from anything. I wondered if he was hiding anything else. I don’t know much about orc’s but neither the mason nor Urik spoke. The mason didn’t even struggle. Why would he come along so easily? Was this just one more brilliant plan to infiltrate the city of Uldany.
Upon our return, we found out nigel was fine. We released the mason into the hands of the city guards. We also heard the prince was holding a special ceremony to honor a small group of military personal, in fact Bronc informed us to shine our armor. When prince nigel called us up to the stage, I was hoping my master was watching me from wherever he was and was proud of me. Nigel then called the names of some random people and we had to give the medals to them. I gritted my teeth. There is nothing more than not being appreciated for my hard work. I said nothing. Insubordination would not be tolerated. I should try not to look for rewards for my good deeds. Knowing that I did what was right is good enough. I guess my hot temper still comes from my young age. We continued to a banquet to honor these “heroes” after the ceremony. I guess I’m glad to have a nice meal.

Entry 1: Meet the Mason
Yurik’s Mission Log Day 37 of the 51 year

Primary Objectives:
1.Apprehend the thief known as Mason, escort him back to city for interrogation.
2.Escort Prince Nigel the Average, keep the Prince from harm.
Secondary objectives:
1.Minimize civilian Casualties.

Estimated Mission Length: 9 Days.

Personal notes: I have decided to keep record of missions for reference. Today we receive newest mission from king. It started with front door being knocked in by Goliath Bronc. He big and stupid, but strong and good warrior. He gives mission orders to leader Freya, also Goliath. We are to accompany Nigel, pathetic human, to city of Mecca. Orders are to transport him back to Uldany for interrogation. He steal big diamond from dirt people, impressive for being dirt person himself.

My companions seem little excited about Nigel being there. I share their dislike of this human, but orders are orders. Companions are the leader Freya the Goliath, Yuri says she is to honorable, I agree. There is a dragon person named Kirrill, nothing to say about him really. There also two filthy magic users, Yuri tells me not to trust them, but they are tools, weapons for slaughter. The squishy human Maddox, he is good for cleaning, and maybe good distraction. The other is machine thing, made of wood and metal. Yuri says he is of monsters and demons, I must keep my eye on him. We depart on same day, with human Nigel in lead. We have wagon for transport, I choose to walk. Day one goes without incident. Yuri wont shut up, it all I can do to ignore him. Nigel decides to stop on whims, much annoying. First night rose, human tool and machine tool take first watch, I take last watch with machine tool. Yuri keeps me company, at least he good at hiding from others.

Day two we stop at inn with dual dragons on outside. Leader pays for food and lodging, it is her job after all. Nigel sits in corner, leader and machine tool stay in main room, I go to next room to relax and listen to bard, dragon thing joins me. After moments Nigel comes into room, and opens missive, then shit hit ceiling. Odd symbol appears on Nigel, then odd flame creatures appear and set building on fire. It funny how little distractions cause people to go crazy. Human tool puts Nigel and flame creature to sleep, I try to procure an exit from flames. I go upstairs, dragon thing takes unconscious Nigel and decides to follow leaving human tool in room. At top of stairs I spot window, Yuri tells me that way out. I take rope, one end around banister and run at window. Hindsight this was not good idea, window protected by filthy magic. I look for alternate means of escape and find door. During this time I hear dragon thing fighting with conscious Nigel who seems upset. Door lock no problem, Yuri taught me well. In room is nothing, I decide best action is to remove Nigel from consciousness. Coming out of room I find that dragon thing is loosing battle, also Nigel was on floor and bigger flame creature standing. Yuri shows me weak point in creatures back, dragon and human tool make good detraction. Blade strikes true, this upset creature. Hot liquid hits me and molds me to ground. Machine tool strikes from far and finishes job. Windows break I take Nigel and jump out window with rope in hand. Soon others follow, Nigel awakens and leaves, we follow. Only few civilians die.

Day 3 nothing exciting happens but Nigel takes ill, others argue for while, then we decide to take him to mecca city, half day past prison, for medical assistance. Day 4 we arrive at mecca city, give Nigel to healers, not to happy about leaving our primary objective with others. Day 5 we arrive at stockade to get prisoner. Dirt person comes out with chains and other trappings. He doesn’t seem that dangerous to me, Yuri agrees. We leave. Day 6 we go back to crumbled inn, retrieve sword of Nigel We leave. Day 7 we get ambushed by more creatures and big orc with symbol on neck. While others provide cover I leap into grass to dispatch foes. Swift and silent just like Yuri teach me. After taking care of lesser foes, i move onto orc. One dagger in neck should do, and it does. Day 8 we get back to district 6, give prisoner to guards go back home. Day 9 we are given orders to give medals to heroes that save the life of Nigel. The others think it was for us, I was sure it wasn’t. But matters were worse, heroes were others yes. I see man in group, man from past, evil man. Maxwell, I choose him to pin medal on to see in his eyes. He smiles, Yuri begs me to slit his throat right there, this would be bad. He will live for now, but Yuri will only stay silent for long about matter. His time will come, the blood will flow from him slowly. Soon Yuri soon.

Mission objectives:
1. Escort Mason to city: Status: Successful.
2. Keep Nigel safe: Status: Complete.
3. Civilian casualties: Status: Three.

Over all mission status: Successful.

Entry 1: Meet the Mason

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