The Enemy of My Enemy is...

Entry 2: Of Reason and Treason

Reason for Treason

On the afternoon of the 48th day of his Majesty, High King Antony XIII’s 51st year as High King, the servants of his Majesty’s loyal 6th Division led by Freya the Valiant received a summons to the stockades of Uldany, located in the Old Port disctrict. They were instructed to meet with The Mason at his request and in exchange, he would give up the location of the Diamond Core.

They are led deep within the prison to a chamber containing a massive pit and a pillar set in the center where the Mason was chained. He spoke to them a nursery rhyme, then asked if they understood why casters served their servants. He spoke of the Diamond Core and how it can bring out the hidden powers of a magic user, making them incredibly powerful.

When he had stolen it, he was gifted with some magic by a powerful caster to help him elude the traps. He would become famous when he refused to hand the item over after realising what it did and the peril it would set upon the world. The caster has been chasing him ever since, but has apparantly gotten an idea of where to find him. Thus, the Mason turned himself in so he would have a measure of protection while he found some sturdy people to retrieve the Diamond Core to keep it out of the hands of the other wizard, who at this point has not been named.

They group was given some instructions on how to assemble a “key” to the location of the Core, but the Mason discouraged the group from sharing the details with Prince Nigel. Upon leaving the prison, they are stopped by the Prince and his group of “heroes” from earlier in the week. He seizes the paper from them, whereupon the group realizes they note magically changed when they left the prison to gives directions that basically ran a circle around the continent.

Remarking to his group of heroes that he would find the Diamond Core and one-up his brother, they all left. On the way back to the Labor District, Freya was bumped into by a non-descript man who quickly disappered into the crowd. Yurik noticed and brought it to the group’s notice by behaving strangly. Freya checked her purse and found a note carefully tucked in there from Justicar Fel and Prince Jeren instructing them to meet a contact named Sly at the Daggerfan Lodge and assist him in any way possible with discovering if the rumors of Prince Nigel working with the criminal guilds in the LD are true, thus proving him to be a traitor.

The group arrived where they were supposed to meet, ordered the food they were instructed to order, but nobody arrived. Hours passed before they picked up and left, going out into the streets in the latest hours of the night. As they walked, they were set upon by a group of black-clad individuals who moved almost at unworldly speed through the darkness. While the group fought valiantly, they were joined by another dark-clad individual who was fighting on their side.

After removing all of the immediate threats, the group had a moment with the man. He introduced himself as Sly, then appologized for his tardiness. He ushered them down a dark alleyway and into a small room with a trick door. He told them that the rumors are abound of the Prince’s treachery in the LD and they were to find the evidence as soon as possible for them to make an arrest. It would have to be in the form of a witness that would condemn the Prince and/or a written documentation of his treachery.

The group returned to their homes to rest, then set out the next day. They stopped by the Fire Spit Tavern, reknown for hating the military. In street clothes, they showed up in two different groups and tried talking up the clientele. They were successful at extracting a rumor that the Prince owned the Thieves Guild in town. They headed over and banged on the door, whereupon they were hastily handed a heavy bag of gold and told to deliver it to Bronc quickly because they were late.

Using this as a means to get to Bronc, they headed for the Prince’s estate, incidentally where Bronc lives as well, but were turned away at the door. The Prince was out in the Trade District dining with Justicar Pennyfinger and Bronc was settling some sort of merchant dispute. Taking the hint, the group headed for the merchant guild. The man at the door saw the bag of gold and let them in instantly, then showed them down to the basement, leaving them at the door.

They heard Bronc speaking with another. When they opened the door, the other person in the room, a tiefling, pointed at them and told Bronc that “it was them!” Bronc picked up his maul and called them traitors before attempting to bring them to his own form of “Mercy.” The group, however, was able to withstand his blows and managed to kill the Tiefling while knocking Bronc unconscious.

The Tiefling was carrying the orders from Bronc. The paper was definately in the Prince’s writing and instructed the recipient to kill an unnamed target tonight before he cracks, then bring his eyes to the Prince at Justicar Pennyfinger’s estate. It explains as well that the wizard he just met can divulge the information with only the victim’s eyes.

The group successfully detained a witness and holding firm proof that the Prince was ordering assassinations, was directly linked to the criminal organizations through his First Leiutenant, Bronc, and by group testimony, was sending out a war party, the other adventurers, to grab the Diamond Core before his older brother can.


Day 48,

I awoke to a messenger bringing Freya a missive. We were being summoned to see Mason. He said he would only talk to us. We prepared and set out wondering the true nature of the “talk”. when we arrived at the stockades i was astounded by the level of security and protection. For an hour it seemed we rode a large bucket down to the layer where Mason was being kept. When finally we spoke to him he revealed the true nature of his crime. Then explained why it happened and instructed us on how to obtain it. It appears as though the fate of the world my rest in our hands. I am not feeling easy about this. I have never been this nervous. As we left the stockades we discussed what to tell Nigel should he show his ugly average head. Sure enough, there he was. When Maddox gave him the parchment given to us by Mason, it had changed. It was for our eyes only. The paper seemed to lead them in search for it in a circle, that would occupy Nigel and his lackey’s for a while. We were to meet with a man, a half elf, in a tavern. We wnt and he never showed. When we left at close we were ambushed by some denizens of the night, and a tall half elf came to our aide. He brought us to a secret room through dark alley ways. Introducing himself as our contact, sly. He produced badges for District 5, one step up. All we had to do was find, or create dirt and evidence of it on Prince Nigel. We left with dreams of moving up in the world. No more walking today.

Day 49,

This morning we left in plain clothes to try and get some info from the “no gooders” at the Fire-Spit Tavern. we learned his pull was in the thieves Guild. When we went to investigate, they told us to leave and handed us “Bronc’s share”. We delivered this and the man with bronc noticed us as the group hired to gather dirt on Nigel. Bronc was happy to show us mercy, his boulder tied to tree, not the feeling. Every one fought greatly and killed the evil doing magister with Bronc with ease. I however could not hit either of them to save my life. I was to nervous from hearing the trouble placed on our laps. I dont know what to do to calm myself. They decided that bronc should be kept alive and brought in for Questioning. The magister died leaving only a cloak and a note the note contained foul deeds ordered by Nigel. It was exactly what we needed. It was almost to easy, wich measn either it was. Or that we are just that good at what we do, but i know I am not, now I am more worried. I need to stop this. Its been a busy couple of days. But still, no marching.

Entry 2: Of Reason and Treason

Raze’s Journal,
Entry 10, Day 48 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

I find myself reunited with my journal after these two days. Dominic asked to review my writings, citing that my concise notations would prove most beneficial in attempting to discern what force was behind the burning of The Twin Dragon and the attack on the road. He seemed most interested in what I had written. He took exceptional notice to the passages regarding my powers.

Dominic, since we had met, has always harbored a curiosity about how I am able to cast the arcane spells I do. I cannot deny that I also find myself curious. I look at Dominic, and I see years devoted to the study of the arcane, and attempting to understand it. I feel that his insight on the matter would prove beneficial in helping me understand why I can summon hellfire, and exude eldritch power at my whim, having no previous knowledge of how to do so. It is as if the power suffuses my soul, and grows with each passing day.

No. It is not with each passing day, but rather whenever my soul touches another, and I extinguish that soul’s life force. Does the future of my power lay in the destruction of others? And if that is the case, does that not make me inherently evil, as Aarok had originally claimed?

I have felt some changes since we have returned to Uldany. Our battle with the elemental at The Twin Dragon has caused me to experience a fire within myself. Before, I had always felt the churning hellfire within, but it was faint. Since searing the elemental, and binding my so to it’s, I feel that fire more powerfully then ever before, and an overwhelming desire to burn something.

I took my leave from the others this morning, just before dawn, and found a series training dummies that the soldier’s use to practice their attacks. I find it odd to practice against an inanimate object while wielding a sword, as the target cannot strike you back. What I do, on the other hand, would make no difference if the target were alive or artificial.

I channeled the fire within into a stream, and blasted one of the dummies. The result was the incineration of the two adjacent dummies on either side of the initial target. Apparently the flames could not be contained once they met their target. They had grown a hunger. I could feel it. They needed to feed on others, and so they spread out. This rise in my power is most interesting. I must make sure to tell Dominic.

* * *

Much has transpired since this morning. In the afternoon we received new orders to meet with the prisoner known as The Mason, whom we escorted from the stockades outside of Mecca. For two days he has been interrogated, and now seems to be willing to divulge the location of the Diamond Core, but only to his escorts.

I found the request to be odd, as did our superiors no doubt. Still, it warranted investigating. We left at once to the stockade, located in the Old Port district. There we were met by an annoyingly enthusiastic guard that seemed unable to be silent. I wished to squeeze his fragile neck until no more sound erupted from the hole in his face, but the murder of a prison guard, especially by a practitioner of the arcane, would no doubt warrant execution.

I stayed my hand.

He led us deep down into the depths of the prison, down a long corridor filled with the screams of the damned. Murderers, thieves, and traitors were sent here, down below in the dark to rot. Their cries always falling on def ears. I found it rather soothing.

We arrived in The Mason’s cell. The term cell is used loosely. It was a round pit, with no foreseeable bottom. There was enough room to walk along the edges, and a pillar in the center, where the bound and chained Mason stood before us. Most distressing about the room were the glowing glyphs scribed upon the walls. It felt as if it were suppressing my magic. Further, it felt as if this suppression was opening a pathway in my mind to something unknown. The clearer the path became, the more I wished the glyphs would cease working.

The mason greeted us-by us I mean Dominic and myself- with a bow. He asked us why we casters would serve our servants. I am unsure as to what he meant by that statement. The thought of those we serve being servants would imply that we casters were the true masters. As a being created into a life of servitude, it is all I am accustomed to. The kingdom of Uldany was more then happy to extend this treatment, not because I am a Warforged, but rather a caster. I have no concept of dominance, save for that which I inflict upon my enemies. Dominic seemed rather enthralled by the idea. His eyes gleamed at the thought, but I assume he too dismissed it as fantasy.

The Mason then recited a nursery rhyme taught to children in the Kingdom about old man Greybeard, the Wizard whom Dominic studied under since childhood/ The Mason asked us if we understood what that meant, but my companions did not know. Personally symbolism is lost on me.

He then spoke of the Diamond Core. He said that he was gifted with magic by a powerful mage that dwarfed Greybeard’s abilities. The magic aided him in eluding the traps. He went on to explain that the Diamond Core possessed certain properties. It could augment a spellcaster’s power exponentially, as well as unlock their hidden power and make them incredibly potent.

Upon retrieving the priceless gem, however, The Mason felt that he was delivering it into the wrong hands. He felt that the world would be destroyed anew, and went to hiding the Diamond Core, much to the chigrin of the wizard. The Mason has been eluding the mage ever since. In fact, the reason he turned himself in was not to divulge the location of the Diamond Core to the kingdom of Uldany, but to remain safe. Judging by the magical protections within, I can safely say that his cell is the safest place for him right now.

With this information, more pieces of the puzzle have come together. The possession of Prince Nigel and the creatures summoned to The Twin Dragon were no doubt the machinations of this nameless wizard. He wasn’t trying to kill Nigel, but rather my companions and I before we could reach the stockade outside of Mecca. This tells me that he either has an unknown magical way to follow our movements, or a contact in the military.

Had we not made it to the stockade, this mage would have no doubt sent his agents to collect The Mason and extract the information from him, or at the very least kill him.

The attack on the road by the glyph-bearing orc seemed to be his final chance to openly attack us before we reached the protection of Uldany. It seems as if the wizard is not close enough to effectively challenge us openly. I have no doubt he could slaughter us all without a second thought. Thus, he employs minions to act as his hands in the open world.

This wizard is truly a remarkable advisory and a worthy foe. I wish to live long enough to see him.

The Mason went on to say that while protected, he would need to send a few sturdy, trustworthy people to collect the Diamond Core before the wizard had a chance to act. He then told us that we were to be given instructions upon a scroll. The annoyingly talkative guard was at the door, attempting to listen. He apparently had the scroll with him. Freya took possession of it and Dominic read it.

The scroll contained instruction on how to build a key. Different baubles were dispersed throughout the world. They each held a property that added to the key. It seemed many had ties to elementals, or beings of the elements. I did take special notice of the piece that required the offering of a dead, rotted drow.

Most troubling, though, was the location of the Diamond Core. It was hidden in a place where only those who knew where it was could find it. I am still unsure of where such a place could exsist. He told us that upon completing the key, he would divulge the location of the Diamond Core. He urged us to make haste, as he was certain the mage would no doubt sent assassins to kill him.

The Mason was very clear not to share this information with Prince Nigel. We decided that telling the Prince was not in our best interests either, as he would no doubt use this quest as an attempt to carry favor with his father, humiliate his brother, and ascend his ‘heroes’ to the heights of the Uldany military.

The guard spoke at length again. Thankfully the journey back topside was far shorter than the decent.

Outside the prison we were confront by Prince Nigel, who seemed rather curious about what had transpired below. With him were his ‘heroes’. The Prince noticed the scroll jutting from Freya’s backpack and seized it. The instructions had changed considerably, no longer resembling the instructions we possessed. Prince Nigel, pleased with his finding, took the scroll, remarking that they would ‘one-up’ his brother. I am unsure to what the phrasing means, but the collected ‘heroes’ seemed enthusiastic about the idea.

Dominic then told us that with the aid of magic he was able to memorize the instructions and would write them out once more. We took our leave and began our journey back to the Labor District. Along the way Freya was bumped into by an unknown person. This seemed odd as Freya is over eight feet tall and carries a massive halberd wherever she goes. This appearance tends to intimidate many people, and usually leads to clear paths in which to walk. To this day, I have never brushed shoulders with a stranger.

After, Yurik began to act very strangely. He started walking closer to Freya. He kept looking around her belt, and searching the crowds. I finally asked him what he was doing. He told us that often thieves will use the maneuver of bumping into a person as a mark to signal others to either attack or steal. He then told Freya to check her belt pouch. Within was a folded piece of paper, signed by Justicar Fel of the fifth district and Prince Jaren, Prince Nigel’s older brother.

The note instructed us to meet a contact, a half elf named Sly, at the Daggerfan Lodge and assist him in whatever way we could in discovering if rumors of Prince Nigel’s involvement with the criminal guilds of the Labor District were true. Confirmation would prove that Prince Nigel was a traitor to the crown.

We traveled to the lodge, sat at an empty table, and ordered the house special with a side of stale bread, as we were instructed. We waited there for hours, but our contact did not arrive. Discouraged, my companions decided it was best to leave and we went out into the night. On our way were beset by enemies draped in black, wielding swords and crossbows. While the archers rained bolts down upon us, the sword wielding foes darted in and out of our ranks.

It took a moment before we were each able to regain our composure, but we struck back against our ambushers with lethal efficiency. During the battle, another black-clad individual sprinted into the combat and aided us.

Once all of our enemies lay dead at our feet, the dark stranger revealed himself to be Sly, and apologized for his tardiness. He lead us back to a very barren room hidden behind a trick door. There he told us that we needed to find evidence of the Prince’s wrongdoings in the form of a witness that was willing to testify or a written documentation. He then presented us with badges of District 5, and told us that if we were able to make this conviction, we would be heralded into Justicar Fel’s service, thus securing my companions a higher position in the military.

We wandered off to our hovel tonight, trying to decide the best course of action to pursue in order to convict the High King’s son of treason without being called traitors ourselves.

* * *

Raze’s Journal,
Entry 11, Day 49 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

After much debate it was decided to attempt to surface information from a local bar renown for it’s hatred of the military called The Fire Spit Tavern. We of course arrived in casual attire as not to arose suspicion. Dominic elected to stay behind in order to copy the set of instructions he had memorized.

Freya and Yurik approached the bar, while Kirrill and I found a table and began appealing to the masses. My strength is not social situations. I find bearing my should in front of others to be highly uncomfortable. Instead, I merely repeated many of the things I’ve heard Dominic say in the time that I’ve known him. The patrons responded well to this method, which we carried on for some time. When I was certain there was no other information I could extract from the soft-fleshed drunkards, I took my leave.

It seemed Yurik and Freya were more fruitful in their endeavors. The barkeep explained that the Prince not only was affiliated the thieves guild, he owned it. It was said that only military personnel and guild members could access the guild, so we dawned our military garb and ventured off, informing Dominic along the way.

We arrived at the door, asking about the Prince when we were handed a large sack of gold, containing one hundred gold pieces. It was said the order was payment to Bronc for bringing in new recruits. Yurik played along and we left in search of him. After visiting his domicile first, we were told that he was settling a dispute in the merchant’s guild.

We arrived with Bronc’s payment and were ushered downstairs where Bronc was in discussion with a tiefling in a red robe. As we opened the door, the tiefling pointed at us with some sort of recognition. A battle ensued. Bronc brought his oversized maul, “Mercy“ to bear. Dominic, thinking fast, placed the tiefling to sleep as I unleashed an assault of fiery wrath upon the goliath. Freya charged in to meet him head on. Yurik was close behind, and Kirrill fired arrow after arrow. Dominic harried the two from the hall as I circled the room, unleashing blasts of eldritch power.

It was then the tiefling showed me his true colors, casting a beam of green fire in a similar fashion as to the ways I cast. I had been attacking the wrong target. The tiefling was interesting, and I pursued him. He escaped my sight quickly though, teleporting away. Shortly thereafter I heard a small explosion.

Bronc became my target again. His maul swung wildly, destroying a support beam and sinking into my chest, leaving a noticeable dent. His wounds were apparent. The taint of my soul was weakening him. Now was the time to end this combat. I drew my scythe across my arm. My pain was fed into him ten fold, and he fell unconscious. The battle was over. Bronc was defeated.

In the exploded remains of the tiefling (Note to self: Discern why our enemies have been exploding) we discovered a note that detailed explicit instructions on the assassination of an unnamed target before that target ‘cracked’. I assume it referred to The Mason. The assassin was then to collect the eyes of the target and bring them to Prince Nigel at Justicar Pennyfinger’s estate. Apparently there was a wizard that could divulge information from a victim’s eyes. The note was in the Prince’s own handwriting.

With this proof, we can not move against Prince Nigel. Now we must find Sly.

Entry 2: Of Reason and Treason

Day 48 of the 51st year of our wallowing in mediocrity under King Antony the Bloody Useless and his sons, may the die soon.
I’m taking a few moments to right down my thoughts while they’re clear in my head. Got to meet The Mason today, wonky fella, he wanted to talk to us on account of the fact that we were so nice to him, i guess. Something about how people always want to know how he did it and where the key is. I figure he figures seeing as we didn’t ask we don’t want it therefore, concurrently, vis a vis we could be trusted to retrieve it and not use it for our own selfish gains.
He fed us that old riddle about grey beard (I hate riddles).
Note To Self: Discover answer to riddle. Tell EVERYONE!!!
and gave us the directions on a scroll to find the key to get the core. Should be a lot of fun figuring it out. Curiously The Mason Seems to have a healthy level of respect for casters.He confessed he used another’s magic to steal the unstealable. I find his view refreshing and hope someday all the people of the world will share his view.
When we got done with The Mason we went to the Ponce Prince and he took the scroll which then turned out to be a different set of directions. Some how he a had a magic scroll while in jail, odd.
We were approached a representative of the Prince’s Brother prince Jeren. I will code name him Prince Wanks-alot. The Wanky prince wanted to catch Poncie in the middle of some dirty dealings. the others took care of finding the information. it led us to Bronc Small Prick. Turns out Bronc is a go between middle man type for the prince’s off the books dealings. We Tracked him down and kicked his arse. My Spells were more than effective and coupled with the groups abilities we handled him and his caster friend handily. maybe the others aren’t so bad after all. The threw themselves into the fray with little regard to life of limb if that kind of dedication could be harnessed and applied with a sound strategy or plan we could be unstoppable. Other than that I don’t care much for the petty squabbles of the royal rabble. They feel they are so important but in the end its to children fighting over what one has and one has not. I have Real work to do…
Note To Self: Find spell that teaches humility to overblown arseholes

Entry 2: Of Reason and Treason

Yurik’s Mission Log
Day 48 of the 51 year.
District 6

Primary: Talk with Mason, obtain info on diamond.

ET:3 hours.

Notes: We were to meet with Mason in prison. We went to the jail, guide was noisy, we found Mason. He tells us fairytale about man with grey beard. It boring, i notice many hooky mystical glyphs. Then this master rogue tells us filthy magic users should rule. Ha I would like to see that happen, yeah and pigs could fly. Any way, we git info we leave, Prince ass hat meets us outside with "mudak"{russian/giant} and the sissy gang. Human tool gives him fake instructions, maybe I should give him cookie. We were then contacted by prince Jeren, telling us that we are now part of District 5.

Mission: Complete. *************

Yuriks Mission Log
Day 48 of the 51 year
District 5

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Find info that links Nigel to crime.
Take down Bronc the dumb.

Notes: WE go to bar, Fryea and I find out Nigel owns thieves guild. We go there, door man gives us 100 gold, tells us it for bronc, bribe money. We go to find bronc find he is talking to tiefling, we fight, Bronc go down, tiefling blow up. We get evidence and bring bronc’s body to prison.

Mission : Complete.
Promotion: District 5

Entry 2: Of Reason and Treason

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