The Enemy of My Enemy is...

Entry 3: The Price of Failure

Price of Failure

After capturing Bronc, the party chained the unconscious goliath and transported him back to Sly’s temporary residence. With the proof they had found on the caster they had defeated, they were ready to make their arrest of the Prince. Quickly, Sly led them to the Old Port where the Stockades of Uldany were to drop off their captive. Then, he told them to go make the arrest and he will go and fetch Justicar Fel.

When the party arrived at Justicar Pennyfinger’s estate, they were greeted and allowed into the building simply by stating they had business with the Prince. They were announced to Pennyfinger, who sat at a desk in a dark room lit only by the light of a single candle. She questioned the group, who were evasive about their true intentions. Eventually, the truth came out when they handed she figured out why they had arrived and asked to see the proof they needed to make their arrest.

She read it, then told them they were to sign a magical contract that would prevent them from mentioning her in their report in any associative way with Prince Nigel. In exchange, she would give them each a powerful magic weapon to take with them. The group talked it over, then ended up accepting the bribe. They each signed the contract and their lips were sealed on the topic. Pennyfinger then pointed out that the Prince was out on the terrace speaking to someone and quietly left the room.

The group snuck up on the two speakers and were able to ascertain that the Prince was, in fact, working for a powerful wizard named Dengaron, who wanted the Diamond Core in exchange for some service that was not spoken fully of. The Prince assured the messenger that although he didn’t know the location, an assassin of his would bring the eyes of the Mason to him that evening so a ritual could be performed to determine where he had hidden the stolen artifact. The other figure seemed to be pleased by this, but warned him not to fail again, stating that the Prince had already failed to kill the Mason by hiring that group of bandits that attacked the group on the way to Uldany and by failing to stop the party when they were all trapped in the Twin Dragon Inn.

The group interrupted the pair and announced their arrest. The Prince laughed and drew his sword. The other figure was made entirely out of shadow and disappeared, leaving behind 2 flaming skulls. The group fought valiantly and with effective teamwork, they brought the Prince to his knees. But the shadowy figure returned and stated that the Prince has failed to keep his end of the bargain and now his body belonged to Dengaron.

The body grew to a massive stature, the armor bursting off of him. Every bit of visible skin was covered in glittering runes all up and down his body, and his eyes took on a greenish-yellow glow. The room’s many stone pillars burst apart and stone golems came forth from the rubble to surround the group.

They all fought with great intensity and managed to beat the monstrous Prince into retreating, causing the few stone golems that Maddox had not yet destroyed to collapse. Justicars Fel and Pennyfinger congratulated the group and told them they had done well. Fel instructed Pennyfinger to use her extensive contacts to find out who Dengaron is. He also instructed the group to ask the Mason for more details, but encouraged them to rest first and do it the next morning.

The group went to the barracks for the 5th District, their new home. They were pleased to find that they each had their own room, and each room contained a bed, a table, and their weekly pay waiting for them. The next morning, they were awoken to attend the mandatory drills and exercises, then were released to do what they had been instructed to.

However, when they reached the stockades, they noticed the guards were missing and the door was ajar slightly. They carefully opened the door and stepped inside and were immediately overcome by the smell of rotting flesh—the two guards that they had seen the night before were dead at their feet and rotting as if they had been left here for weeks. Continuing on, they had to climb down a rope to reach the level where the cells were, then got a little turned around in the labyrinthian tunnels leading to the Mason’s cell.

When they finally managed to open the lock, they noticed that he was missing, but every other prisoner that was there before was still in its place. Yurik caught the feel of a light breeze which was not present down there before and Maddox noticed that some of the magic-repelling glyphs around the door had been slightly altered.

Leaving the cell, they found that a door pointed out to them before as to never be opened because monsters lived beyond it was open, the locks masterfully picked. They hurried inside and down a narrow tunnel to an open chamber with a pool or nasty, stagnant water in the middle. Piles of remains lay strewn about in here, but one body stood out—seemingly the missing soldier that had the rune necklace necessary to operate the lift so they could leave.

When they disturbed his body, he sprang back to life and attacked the group. The remains of the creatures around the room picked themselves up as best as they could and tried to attack the group as well. Yurik was bitten twice and began to feel sick before the Maddox was able to buy enough time for the relentless onslaught from Freya, Kirril, and Raze to wear the creature down and destroy him. Clutched in his hand was a small red orb, which Yurik took, along with the necklace that the rune of opening was on.

What sort of sorcery allowed the dead to return to life? Was such a power real? Where did this tunnel lead? Would Yurik survive? And where is the Mason?


Bloody Hell! That was a real Corker! So get this, we have Bronc Small-dick (I think that’s a family name), and we have the proof. So Sly sends us to arrest the Pounce Prince on the behalf of his Prat brother and Justiciar Fel! It felt alil dodgy to me here we were about to arrest the whingey Royal on the say so of a some what iffy nark who is telling us that we got the nod from The 1st Prince . All i’m saying is if it turned out to be a set up or if Sod’s Law plays then we’d be left standing there starkers holding not but our knobs. And who would they go completely off on ME! The Magic Man! I mean that sort of thing usually earns you death but with my spectacular brand o’ Luck they’d proly kill me twice or torture me then kill me or worse get that bloody brush hat from Grey scrote and send me into the city sewers ner to be heard from again. Either way we went into it balls first. I’ll give Bigunna that she sure has has a set of brass ones on her. We walk in and who do we see non other than the proprietor of the estate The Queen Tyke Jusiticar Pennyfinger after some haggling we agreed to keep her out of the report. She showed us to the balcony where Nigel the Nitwit was chatting with a Mage. A Mage that was ordering him around, curiouser and curiouser. A fantastic battle engaged as my comrades showed their mettle. I had a good show clearing the battlefield of almost all the enemies in one corker of a shot. In the end Nige-hole was possessed by the wizard (more glyphs) Note to Self: research this glyph magic its apparently REALLY powerful. The Doomed Prince and traitor escaped. Fel sent us to check on The Mason when we arrived the guards had all been killed and the mason’s cell was empty. so what does the Brass Balls Brigade decide to do? The only natural thing of course! Go through the Door that says " Here be Monsters" the only thing that would have been better would have been " Abandon all Hope, Ye Who enter here" Then the others would have shrugged off their armor saying something about what I lovely place for a stroll. Turns out it was not.

The Dead… they walk…

Never have I ever seen such a thing! My revulsion is only overwhelmed by my curiosity…

How is this… Possible!?

Entry 3: The Price of Failure

Raze’s Journal,
Entry 12, Day 49 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

I find myself composing this entry within my new barrack. I am allowed inside here, instead of utilizing a crude lean-to as shelter, as we did when we were still servants of the Labor District. I look back on the events that’ transpired today and regard them with a sense of disbelief, though thinking about it now, such a response if foolhardy.

We captured Bronc, bound his unconscious body, and transported him through the darkened city to our contact, Sly. We provided him with the proof we had obtained from the caster. After transporting the goliath to the Old Port stockade, we were instructed by Sly to arrest Prince Nigel on the grounds of treason. He assured us he would soon join us at—

He would meet us at—

We were to converge at Justicar Nigel’s estate with Justicar Fel arriving shortly thereafter.

W arrived at the estate and were soon granted an audience with—

I somehow received a Scythe, magically imbues. My companions likewise received similar items. It seems that I am unable to transcriber certain events that transpired…. Strange.

We then approached Prince Nigel stealthily. He stood on a terrace with what appeared to be a mage. They were discussing matters, It seemed that Nigel’s true master was a wizard named Dengaron, who sought the Diamond Core in exchange for an unknown service. Nigel admitted to sending the assassin that was to pluck the eyes from The Mason’s head. It seemed that this was the mage that would preform the ritual.

The mage seemed pleased by this news, but warned Nigel that failure was no longer an option, as he failed to assassinate The Mason on his way to Uldany, as well failing to slay us at the Twin Dragon Inn. I found myself very displeased by this news. I disregard my prior admiration of Prince Nigel’s stoic nature. I felt a burning within that beckons me to incinerate him. I believe this is what is called anger.

We announced our intentions, much to Prince Nigel’s amusement. He drew his sword and faced off with Freya while I fired at the mage, seeing him as the greater threat. My magic passed through him like he were a shadow. He vanished and two green flaming skulls took his place.

Employing sounder tactics then I had seen recently from my companions, we were able to destroy the skulls, of which I had implemented as weapons myself, and soundly thrash Nigel. The disembodied voice of the mage resounded through the chamber. He instructed Nigel that he had failed far too many times, and now he would forfeit his body.

Runes covered every inch of his body, which grew massive in stature. To perform such magic from a distance, without sight or physical contact is remarkable. With glowing eye, the being that was once Prince Nigel beckoned to the several pillars in the room, that sprang to life many misshapen stone constructs that began to surround us.

Dominic handled them readily, exploding their fragile bodies with conjured thunder. With our combined effort we were able to beat back this new Prince Nigel into defeat. He sprouted what looked like bat wings and flew off into the night, leaving only my companions, the newly arrived Justicar Fel, and Justicar Pennyfinger.

Justicar Fel instructed Pennyfinger to discern who this Dengaron was. My companions and I were to go back to the district 5 barracks to rest. Tomorrow we go to The Mason for further details about the Diamond Core. I am curious if tomorrow will be as eventful as today. I can already feel my strength growing.

Raze’s Journal,
Entry 12, Day 49 of the 51st year of the rule of King Antony XIII,

The dead walk! Dominic and I have witnessed the most bizarre occurrence. Corpses, animated and walking about. Not only that, they attacked us. I attached my soul to one of their rank, only to feel an unfathomable coldness. I will continue this entry once we have found a safer place to rest… and I collect a sample.

Entry 3: The Price of Failure

Yurik’s Mission log
Day 49 of the 51st year
District 5

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Confront Prince Nigel. Bring him to justice.
Secondary: Go talk to Mason in prison.
EMT: 2 days.

Notes: We find Prince Nigel, and confront him, there is shadowy figure that fades away. Nigel is easily taken down, but then he gets back up and gets big with strange magic. Sly and others come to help, we take him down. Then next day we go to see mason, he escaped down monster tunnel. We follow, find dead strewn about, some strange magic. Wait there attacking……….

Entry 3: The Price of Failure

Day 49,

We returned the unconscious goliath to sly and went our way to the Pennyfinger estate to arrest the average. When we arrived The lady Pennyfinger wanted this to not be on record for happening at her abode. We agreed that it would go in the report that we found him off of the estate. When we found him on the balcony, he was speaking with a magister. There seem to be an infinite number of magic users that have been hidden. Why do they hide, they are SO powerful? Anyway, the magister disappeared and we fought Nigel. He went down easy enough but as he fell, he stopped. Then he grew giant, sprouted glyphs and got back up. Before we could call, Sly and Pennyfinger rushed in and helped us. Though the average giant escaped before we could subdue him. Our superiors congratulated us, a new but welcomed concept for us, and sent us to check on mason.

When we arrived we found Mason was gone. We assume he has escaped. The trail led to the door we were told not to enter for our own safety, the one with the large sidn saying “BEWARE: MONSTERS!” So of course, we go in after him. We found a pit full of dead bodies, i assumed it to be the lair of a small dragon, or something FAR worse. Turns out it was the lair of the dead. I dont know how to say this. My tribe’s leader told us children stories of the dead walking and men from the sky and below the earth. They were true. Well the dead walking at least, they would not stay down. Not till we got the green orb from the freshest one. I don’t know its importance, but it must be great. If the dead can walk, then what else was true, surely there are no men living in the sky or dirt, we would have found or at least SEEN them by now. I don’t know what to think now. Sleep would be nice.

Entry 3: The Price of Failure

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