• Dominic Maddox

    Dominic Maddox

    A spell casting prodigy Dominic in in search of the answer to a riddle, and he HATES riddles, in the mean time he must work for the military to gain some for of peace as one the hated mages. He is loyal to his companions and will do anything to find answe
  • Freya the Valiant

    Freya the Valiant

    8'2", 300 Ibs, Pale skin, long red braided hair, facial tattoos, ice blue eyes
  • Kirrill


    Head to toe covered in scales masked by the hides of long dead beasts.
  • Raze


    Raze stands at 6'4", and is covered with sharp looking protrusions. He drapaes himself in a black cloak and is adorned in dark leather. He carries with him a wickedly jagged scythe, that looks only half as forboding as the towering warforged himself.
  • Yurik the Brash

    Yurik the Brash

    Has little patience for complicated etiquette or procedure. Is polite when he can be, but is very brash and to the point.