Yurik the Brash

Has little patience for complicated etiquette or procedure. Is polite when he can be, but is very brash and to the point.

District 6 “Labor District” Prison Record Justicar: Prince Nigel

Name: Yurik aka “Yurik the Brash”
Sex: Male
Species: Half Orc
Age: 17
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 210
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Crimes: Breaking an entry: 45 counts
Willful destruction of property: 20 counts
Adding and abetting a know felon: 1 count
Theft: 329 counts
Aggravated assault: 10 counts
Assault with a deadly weapon: 3 counts
Arson: 6 counts
Possession of an illegal weapon: 5 count
Bartering of Illicit goods: 28 counts
Manslaughter: 1 count

Preliminary psych evaluation: Subject is distant and refuses to cooperate. Possible schizophrenia, seems to talk to dead brother. Further study is required.

Punishment: Subject is to be put to death
Execution Method: Subject is to be Hung until dead, then stabbed in the heart, then Burned.

Justicar: Prince Nigel

“District 6 is no place to raise children. Too bad my parents were refugees from the barbarian war. Maybe if things were different I wouild have come out better. Oh well, I am how I am, but your wondering how I came to be in this situation. Well my story starts where most stories start, at my birth. “I was born in District 6, my mother was then hung. Great way to start a life. My father was killed 6 months before, by a magic user mistaking him for a barbarian. The one to raise me was my brother Yuri, a good young man. The only vivid memory I have of him unfortunatly was his death. You see Yuri had to support the both of us, so he got into thievery. He was good at it, unfortunatly not good enough. One day when I was 6 Yuri went out on a “job”. that turned out to be the last night I have had a really good nights sleep. The night was young and Yuri came home after robbing a merchant house. He came bursting into my small closet room and woke me up." “Yurik” he said in hush tones, “get your stuff we have to leave now.” "If only I knew what he had done, maybe I would have left faster. We raced out the back door, just as 2 black cloaked men burst through the door. Flames jutted from their hands as we fled the scene. We raced through the night and got close to the borders of district 6. We could tast freedom, it was right there. Yuri stopped suddenly and turned, he then yelled at me. To this day I have no idea what he said, all I can remember is Yuri bursting into flames, and screaming. I was then knocked unconscious, I believe. I don’t really want to talk about that matter right now. {to side hushed sneering tone} “Shut up Yuri.” “That was only the begining of my trials. The next day I awoke to find myself in better clothing, lying in front of a fire place, with a nice warm fire. Needless to say I was curious as to what had occurred. It was at this time a young man approached me, he was around the age of 13 and was some kinda half elf. You know, pointy ears, slightly less pointy than elf. The boy knelt down and held out a hand, offering me help up. I came to find his name was Maxwell” {aside, hush sneering tone} “Maxwell” He was part of a underground thieves guild. When I say underground I mean they were not licensed as a proper thieves guild. The leader was a Man, called himself The Prophet. He believed himself to be the Saviour of children in district 6. What he did was much more than helping children. No, he was creating a small platoon of young pickpockets, a herd of burgles, a hand full of arsons, a few thugs, and one murderer. I unfortunately formed a friendship with the young man known as Maxwell. He taught me everything I know today, well almost everything. {aside hush sneering tone} “Kill” “Soon I too became a member of this organization, starting as a pickpocket, and working my way up. By the time I was 13 I was already an arson. I had built quite a reputation, I was really good at what I did. One day in the fall of my 17th year Maxwell the Crafty, that was his alias, invited me on a robbery mission, some merchant house. We broke in, everything was going great, until Maxwell set off an alarm, some kinda magic or something. It was then we saw an image rise, it was a black cloaked man, the image came rushing back to me. I grabbed the merchandise, and tossed it to Maxwell, who slight of handed it away in his backpack. He told me to run so I did, just not very far, the black cloaked man appeared in front of me. I tumbled between his legs and arose with a blade ready to fight just as maxwell ran towards him and knocked him down, the man fell on my blade pricing his heart. We both arose and heard a noise coming from the room next door. I looked over to Maxwell to run but he wasn’t there.” “I then came to, to find myself in a prison in district 6. That bastard Maxwell knocked me over the head knocking me out. Apparently I was found by the merchant who came to investigate the frackis. He found me, lying on the floor out like a drunk, broken vase next to my head. The official statement was young disturbed youth bandit, apprehended killing one mage. Not only that but they received an letter from no one, detailing all my other crimes. When I told the authority’s about The Prophet and Maxwell, and where they were, they decided to check it out but to no avail, they had already moved on. So I was in a sense screwed, the damn Justicar sentenced me to death, to make an example of me to any other little child to not commit crime in his district. The next day I was awaiting my execution, hanged, then stabbed, then burned, sound like fun no? So I’m waiting there and who should show up but Maxwell and two others from the gang. One was carting a half orc that had a close shape to mine. The guards never remember names or faces. His throat was smashed in to prevent him from speaking. They threw the hapless body to the floor, whilst I made my escape. I don’t feel bad about it, any way to survive right? Maxwell brought me to the edge of District 6 and the wall to freedom. But there were other plans afoot. Maxwell took me to the wall to meet The Prophet. he took me aside to asked me to join him to start a new business, one to teach children to be assassins. I was with my back to the exit, the open space before me on this narrow wall. I agreed, The Prophet turned his back to me to tell Maxwell the good news, then I sank his own blade into his back, whispering in his ear, this is for Yuri. I twisted the blade, and got a sick sense of satisfaction, as his blood trickled down his face. His lifeless body slid off My blade, and off the wall to Maxwell’s feet. I uttered a curse to Maxwell, took the rest of the gear I got from The Prophet, and leaped off the other end of the wall.” “It was then I came to find you gentlemen, and lady. So, that is the story of my beginnings, what of it?”

Yurik the Brash

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