The Enemy of My Enemy is...

Entry 4: Stone Doors, Stone Men
Stone Doors, Stone Men

After the fight with the undead, Maddox ended up with the small orb that Yurik had picked up off of the leader. The group of adventurers headed further into the depths of the cave inside of Uldany’s Stockades and came upon a curious chamber. The room held a bunch of stone statues in various combat poses, including a massive dragon statue. There was a magically sealed door on the far side of the room, as well as a large stone door sitting in the center of the room, not attached to anything else.

The carvings on the stone door spoke of a portal it guards, and how the door could only be opened by someone who has opened it before unless they had a key. They key was priceless but burdensome on its holder. Faced with a dead end, they returned to the surface and reported the missing Mason to Justicar Fel. They did not, however, mention their encounter with the undead.

They were asked to sit a moment while Fel met with a group of dwarves from Bar’Dur, demanding that they release the Mason to them along with the Diamond Core. They refused to accept that it had not been found yet and accused Uldany of trying to steal it for themselves. They warned that if their demands were not met, their thane, King Baccus the Unmoving, would no longer carry ‘tolerance’ for Uldany’s leadership.

After the dwarves departed, the group was assigned a spirit-talker to accompany them on their missions from then on. Familiar with the wild, he would be considered a big help. After a brief exchange, Freya told Fel that the Mason had given them instructions on making a key to the Diamond Core’s hiding place. Pleased, the Justicar sent them off to obtain the key at any cost. They were futher instructed to deliver a package to the Governor of Stonewall and a sealed letter to the Thane of the Dwarves. They were told to assist those in need in the name of Uldany, and if they came across the traitor Prince or his band of miscreants sent out to find the Diamond Core, they were to apprehend them if possible, kill them if not.

Opting for Stonewall as a primary destination, the group set out. For the entire time, Maddox endured nightmares where he would cut his eye out with a sharp dagger and stare at his empty socket in a mirror. Likewise, Raze had daydreams whenever his mind wandered of stomping Maddox to death and taking they orb they had found below Uldany from him.

They arrived in Stonewall and found the way to the Free Lands sealed under order of the Governor. Apparantly, a sickness had broken out at some villages nearby and he didn’t want it spreading if it were a plague. The group delivered the package, as instructed, then successfully bribed the Governor to allow them to pass into the Free Lands.

They came upon a town where the people were sick. It wasn’t a fatal illness yet, but the spirit-talker of the group was able to discern that the reason for the illness was that swamp water had leaked into all of their wells. The self-proclaimed mayor of the little hamlet they were in told them a sad story about his daughter being taken away by the Stone Men for a crime that he was not aware of.

Freya spotted a massive footprint along the side of his house, and the group followed it into the swampy wilderness. After a day of travel, they came upon a half-sunk ruin bearing the mark of the High King of Uldany, noting the location as forbidden. Since they were not currently in Uldany, however, the group decided to ignore the mark and head into the depths. After an encounter with some weird muddy monsters, they managed to find the Stone Man and some hired help. They subdued one of the hired men and questioned him, but the other two died in the conflict. The Stone Man was knocked unconscious, turning back into a normal human. Maddox removed the item they wanted from him, his magical medallion, and the man woke and screamed as he dissolved into glittering dust.

The mayor’s daughter was found on a stone table at the end of the room, sliced completely down the middle and bled out. The blood bubbled curiously, catching Yurik’s attention. On the table was painted a mural of a giant orc with one eye chasing an army of people that were fleeing from him. He had a massive sword and was throwing balls of fire at them. Yurik was suddenly overcome with rage when Maddox spoke to him, causing him to strike his comrade. A fight almost broke out in the group, but they regained themselves in time. They paid the captured man what the Stone Men promised to pay his family for sacrificing himself by taking this job, then let him go.

Entry 3: The Price of Failure
Price of Failure

After capturing Bronc, the party chained the unconscious goliath and transported him back to Sly’s temporary residence. With the proof they had found on the caster they had defeated, they were ready to make their arrest of the Prince. Quickly, Sly led them to the Old Port where the Stockades of Uldany were to drop off their captive. Then, he told them to go make the arrest and he will go and fetch Justicar Fel.

When the party arrived at Justicar Pennyfinger’s estate, they were greeted and allowed into the building simply by stating they had business with the Prince. They were announced to Pennyfinger, who sat at a desk in a dark room lit only by the light of a single candle. She questioned the group, who were evasive about their true intentions. Eventually, the truth came out when they handed she figured out why they had arrived and asked to see the proof they needed to make their arrest.

She read it, then told them they were to sign a magical contract that would prevent them from mentioning her in their report in any associative way with Prince Nigel. In exchange, she would give them each a powerful magic weapon to take with them. The group talked it over, then ended up accepting the bribe. They each signed the contract and their lips were sealed on the topic. Pennyfinger then pointed out that the Prince was out on the terrace speaking to someone and quietly left the room.

The group snuck up on the two speakers and were able to ascertain that the Prince was, in fact, working for a powerful wizard named Dengaron, who wanted the Diamond Core in exchange for some service that was not spoken fully of. The Prince assured the messenger that although he didn’t know the location, an assassin of his would bring the eyes of the Mason to him that evening so a ritual could be performed to determine where he had hidden the stolen artifact. The other figure seemed to be pleased by this, but warned him not to fail again, stating that the Prince had already failed to kill the Mason by hiring that group of bandits that attacked the group on the way to Uldany and by failing to stop the party when they were all trapped in the Twin Dragon Inn.

The group interrupted the pair and announced their arrest. The Prince laughed and drew his sword. The other figure was made entirely out of shadow and disappeared, leaving behind 2 flaming skulls. The group fought valiantly and with effective teamwork, they brought the Prince to his knees. But the shadowy figure returned and stated that the Prince has failed to keep his end of the bargain and now his body belonged to Dengaron.

The body grew to a massive stature, the armor bursting off of him. Every bit of visible skin was covered in glittering runes all up and down his body, and his eyes took on a greenish-yellow glow. The room’s many stone pillars burst apart and stone golems came forth from the rubble to surround the group.

They all fought with great intensity and managed to beat the monstrous Prince into retreating, causing the few stone golems that Maddox had not yet destroyed to collapse. Justicars Fel and Pennyfinger congratulated the group and told them they had done well. Fel instructed Pennyfinger to use her extensive contacts to find out who Dengaron is. He also instructed the group to ask the Mason for more details, but encouraged them to rest first and do it the next morning.

The group went to the barracks for the 5th District, their new home. They were pleased to find that they each had their own room, and each room contained a bed, a table, and their weekly pay waiting for them. The next morning, they were awoken to attend the mandatory drills and exercises, then were released to do what they had been instructed to.

However, when they reached the stockades, they noticed the guards were missing and the door was ajar slightly. They carefully opened the door and stepped inside and were immediately overcome by the smell of rotting flesh—the two guards that they had seen the night before were dead at their feet and rotting as if they had been left here for weeks. Continuing on, they had to climb down a rope to reach the level where the cells were, then got a little turned around in the labyrinthian tunnels leading to the Mason’s cell.

When they finally managed to open the lock, they noticed that he was missing, but every other prisoner that was there before was still in its place. Yurik caught the feel of a light breeze which was not present down there before and Maddox noticed that some of the magic-repelling glyphs around the door had been slightly altered.

Leaving the cell, they found that a door pointed out to them before as to never be opened because monsters lived beyond it was open, the locks masterfully picked. They hurried inside and down a narrow tunnel to an open chamber with a pool or nasty, stagnant water in the middle. Piles of remains lay strewn about in here, but one body stood out—seemingly the missing soldier that had the rune necklace necessary to operate the lift so they could leave.

When they disturbed his body, he sprang back to life and attacked the group. The remains of the creatures around the room picked themselves up as best as they could and tried to attack the group as well. Yurik was bitten twice and began to feel sick before the Maddox was able to buy enough time for the relentless onslaught from Freya, Kirril, and Raze to wear the creature down and destroy him. Clutched in his hand was a small red orb, which Yurik took, along with the necklace that the rune of opening was on.

What sort of sorcery allowed the dead to return to life? Was such a power real? Where did this tunnel lead? Would Yurik survive? And where is the Mason?

Entry 2: Of Reason and Treason
Reason for Treason

On the afternoon of the 48th day of his Majesty, High King Antony XIII’s 51st year as High King, the servants of his Majesty’s loyal 6th Division led by Freya the Valiant received a summons to the stockades of Uldany, located in the Old Port disctrict. They were instructed to meet with The Mason at his request and in exchange, he would give up the location of the Diamond Core.

They are led deep within the prison to a chamber containing a massive pit and a pillar set in the center where the Mason was chained. He spoke to them a nursery rhyme, then asked if they understood why casters served their servants. He spoke of the Diamond Core and how it can bring out the hidden powers of a magic user, making them incredibly powerful.

When he had stolen it, he was gifted with some magic by a powerful caster to help him elude the traps. He would become famous when he refused to hand the item over after realising what it did and the peril it would set upon the world. The caster has been chasing him ever since, but has apparantly gotten an idea of where to find him. Thus, the Mason turned himself in so he would have a measure of protection while he found some sturdy people to retrieve the Diamond Core to keep it out of the hands of the other wizard, who at this point has not been named.

They group was given some instructions on how to assemble a “key” to the location of the Core, but the Mason discouraged the group from sharing the details with Prince Nigel. Upon leaving the prison, they are stopped by the Prince and his group of “heroes” from earlier in the week. He seizes the paper from them, whereupon the group realizes they note magically changed when they left the prison to gives directions that basically ran a circle around the continent.

Remarking to his group of heroes that he would find the Diamond Core and one-up his brother, they all left. On the way back to the Labor District, Freya was bumped into by a non-descript man who quickly disappered into the crowd. Yurik noticed and brought it to the group’s notice by behaving strangly. Freya checked her purse and found a note carefully tucked in there from Justicar Fel and Prince Jeren instructing them to meet a contact named Sly at the Daggerfan Lodge and assist him in any way possible with discovering if the rumors of Prince Nigel working with the criminal guilds in the LD are true, thus proving him to be a traitor.

The group arrived where they were supposed to meet, ordered the food they were instructed to order, but nobody arrived. Hours passed before they picked up and left, going out into the streets in the latest hours of the night. As they walked, they were set upon by a group of black-clad individuals who moved almost at unworldly speed through the darkness. While the group fought valiantly, they were joined by another dark-clad individual who was fighting on their side.

After removing all of the immediate threats, the group had a moment with the man. He introduced himself as Sly, then appologized for his tardiness. He ushered them down a dark alleyway and into a small room with a trick door. He told them that the rumors are abound of the Prince’s treachery in the LD and they were to find the evidence as soon as possible for them to make an arrest. It would have to be in the form of a witness that would condemn the Prince and/or a written documentation of his treachery.

The group returned to their homes to rest, then set out the next day. They stopped by the Fire Spit Tavern, reknown for hating the military. In street clothes, they showed up in two different groups and tried talking up the clientele. They were successful at extracting a rumor that the Prince owned the Thieves Guild in town. They headed over and banged on the door, whereupon they were hastily handed a heavy bag of gold and told to deliver it to Bronc quickly because they were late.

Using this as a means to get to Bronc, they headed for the Prince’s estate, incidentally where Bronc lives as well, but were turned away at the door. The Prince was out in the Trade District dining with Justicar Pennyfinger and Bronc was settling some sort of merchant dispute. Taking the hint, the group headed for the merchant guild. The man at the door saw the bag of gold and let them in instantly, then showed them down to the basement, leaving them at the door.

They heard Bronc speaking with another. When they opened the door, the other person in the room, a tiefling, pointed at them and told Bronc that “it was them!” Bronc picked up his maul and called them traitors before attempting to bring them to his own form of “Mercy.” The group, however, was able to withstand his blows and managed to kill the Tiefling while knocking Bronc unconscious.

The Tiefling was carrying the orders from Bronc. The paper was definately in the Prince’s writing and instructed the recipient to kill an unnamed target tonight before he cracks, then bring his eyes to the Prince at Justicar Pennyfinger’s estate. It explains as well that the wizard he just met can divulge the information with only the victim’s eyes.

The group successfully detained a witness and holding firm proof that the Prince was ordering assassinations, was directly linked to the criminal organizations through his First Leiutenant, Bronc, and by group testimony, was sending out a war party, the other adventurers, to grab the Diamond Core before his older brother can.

Entry 1: Meet the Mason

On the afternoon of the 37th day of his Majesty, High King Antony XIII’s 51st year as High King, the servants of His Majesty’s Royal 6th Division of Uldany under command of Freya the Valiant were tasked with escorting Justicar and Prince of Uldany, Nigel the Average, to the Stockades of Mecca, the most notoriously cruel prison in the world to extract the legendary criminal “The Mason” and return him to Uldany for interrogation purposes.

The Mason was the criminal mastermind that stole the legendary Diamond Core from the dwarven kingdom’s royal treasury a few decades ago. He had not been seen since until two days ago when he walked up to the Stockades of Mecca and turned himself in. Anxious to get the location of the priceless jewel from him, the High King ordered his immediate retrieval.

On the 38th morning of the 51st year of His Majesty’s reign, the party set out with a wagon, headed west toward Mecca. On the second night of their journey, the 40th day, Prince Nigel called a halt and intended to stay the night at the Twin Dragon Inn along the highway. After taking a meal, he was given a message by a courier dressed in the garb of the kingdom of Uldany. When Prince Nigel broke the seal on the scroll, the inn burst into flames. Creatures of the netherworld crawled from the fires and began attacking the innocents in the commons room and bar area, and Prince Nigel himself was taken control by an other-worldly force and bore a glyph on his forehead. He set upon the group, claiming he would make this building their funeral pyre.

The heroes of the crown managed to slay the minor demons and forced the elemental spirit posessing the Prince from his body. After slaying that, they made good their escape with the Prince, a bard, and all but 3 of the patrons that had died of injuries from the first wave of attack. Everyone but the group headed out into the surrounding villages, returning home as best as they could.

When they were a half day from the prison, Prince Nigel took ill. The heroes raced him to Mecca for medical attention and were informed he would not be able to travel for a few days and the doctors would put him on a ship for Uldany the next morning. They stayed the night, then went to the prison the next morning to retrieve the prisoner.

The Mason was handed to them bound in excessive chains that restrained even his fingers and toes. He sat in the back of the wagon while the group headed back to Uldany. A day out from Uldany, they came upon a roadblock—a tree laying across the highway. Bandits erupted from the tall grass all around them and were perched as well on the sheer cliff to their side. A massive orc with a sick looking axe attacked the group head-on, a noticably red glyph on his neck. The heroes protected their prisoner while fighting off the bandits until they had all been slain. After picking up their ill-cared for gear and loading it up, they returned to the city.

The next morning, they were told to attend a ceremony being held by Prince Nigel to honor some local heroes. When they arrived, they were put-out to learn that the medals of honor being presented were to a group of adventurers they had never seen before but were being credited for saving the Prince’s life. The group was asked to pin the medals on the new party as servants of the Prince, but were invited to dine with the other servants at a banquet held in honor of the new heroes.

Adventure Length: 9 days.

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