Districts of the Capital City

The Capital City of Uldany is divided into 6 districts, each headed up by a Justicar. Those Justicars have the same rights and powers as the High King when acting as his representative abroad, and each serves on a council in Uldany under the High King.

District One

The First District, called Elustria, is the highest point of the city. The district is almost perfectly square and is surrounded by thick stone walls that are approx 15 feet high and wide enough to allow patrols to walk them. The perimeter measures roughly 10 miles. While the district is one of the smallest, it is easily the richest. The palace of the High King sits in the center of the area and is walled in seperately. The houses that make up the rest of the district are all supremely crafted works of art and belong to the richest folk in all of Uldany. Each visiting dignitary has a home here as well, and since the area is built on a slight incline, the houses all have spectacular views of the rest of the city.

The Justicar of Elustria is Prince Jeren, first son of High King Antony XIII. He is a man of his late thirties, and his skill with a sword and shield is very well known after he finished his required time in the military. He has a grand estate at the base of the palace. However, he is also known fairly well for his arrogance and dislike of magic users, refusing to allow them into his district at all unless summoned to the palace.

District Two

The second district, called Dun’Hamuk, is south east of Elustria. This is the industrial district of Uldany where the most skilled craftsmen live and work. The perimeter of the mostly square area is approx 15 miles and is surrounded by a not as thick stone wall that reaches a 10 ft height. There is constantly an acrid smell in the air and soot covers most everything, but the weapons and armor that come from this area are without equal in all the city. Stone carvers and engineers are also found in this area. Houses are few and far between here, as most craftsmen live in, above, or under their workshops. There are small market places all over the district where people take the crafted goods for sale, and a fair number of the goods make their way to Market Row.

The Justicar of Dun’Hamuk is Stonehammer, a dwarf from Bar’dur with an eye for excellent craftsmanship. He harbors some ill will toward magic users, as is common, but doesn’t actively bar anybody from his district. His home is the largest smithery in the district, where 50 different smiths work day and night turning out the self-proclaimed ‘best of the best’ brand weapons.

District Three

The third district, called Market Row, is south west of Elustria. This area has the best access to the docks and trade goods coming in from the other kingdoms and areas, as well as direct access to the trade goods. The only walls to Market Row are the ones that border Elustria, Dun’Hamuk, and Traelan. Otherwise, it’s easy to come and go from this area. Market Row’s official borders are about 15 miles in perimeter, but it’s hard to tell where this district ends and the Labor District begins. Lots of middle-class people live in this district, the houses aren’t bad, crime rate is fairly low thanks the the very visible guards kept by the Justicar of the area. Market Row is named thus because of the size of their marketplace, a half mile wide and 3 miles long. Every conceivable good is generally available, but it’s a good idea to shop around for the best prices.

The Justicar of Market Row is a Halfling named Pennyfinger. She was originally a very classy thief in her youth, but made a name for herself when she caught the former Justicar of Market Row skimming tax money off of what was being reported. She turned him in, doing some time as a servant of a temporary officer watching Market Row while an appointment was decided. However, a guild of thieves came to the city and managed to kill the officer and most of the servants before Pennyfinger managed to trap them and turn them in. She was named Justicar afterward, but people whisper that she set the whole thing up.

District Four

District Four, called the Bar, is a very militarized district running the entire length of Uldany on the northern end. Its walls are thick, but its gates are wide and people coming to the city from the highways enter gates on either side of this massive district. The walls are the thickest in all of the city (thick enough for 5 men to walk abreast) and reach a staggering 20 ft into the air. The area is a series of inns, brothels, moderate housing (for rent, of course), gladiatorial arenas, over-priced shops, and all manner of things that go along with taking advantage of passerbys. The district runs nearly ten miles from one side to the other and is about 1 mile thick. There are rumors that a few thieves guilds have made their way into this district, and crime is moderate despite the soldier presense. But there are constant arrests, public executions, and all in all, the area is under control.

The Justicar of the Bar is a goliath named Rokan. Originally, he was the leader of a tribal rebellion that actually broke the gates of Uldany and made it into the Bar before being cut off by a military ambush laid by Prince Jeren. His entire force was destroyed, but Jeren saw talent in him and pardoned him in exchange for service to the crown. Over a short military career, Rokan proved time and again he was a superior combatant and eventually earned a comission as Justicar.

District Five

District Five is the Port, but in all reality, it encompasses the entire port and all of the warehousing districts, bars, seedy markets, and low-budget housing for workers. The district runs along the shoreline and tapers up to cover the southern end of Dun’Hamuk and Market Row. It’s about the same size as the Bar, perimeter wise, but there are no walls here to speak of—the area is nestled into a sort of cliff face and ships sail into a cove to dock. The crime rate is about the same as the Bar here, and merchant guilds are mostly to blame for that.

The Justicar of the Port is a half-orc named Fel. He was a dock worker most of his life, but enlisted in the military during the barbarian invasion almost 2 decades ago. He helped halt the invasion and personally saved Prince Jeren’s life during the fray, earning him his current post some time later.

District Six

District Six, called the Labor District, is easily the worst district, as well as the largest. It encompasses every livable space surrounding Uldany outside its gates. Refugees from destroyed villages, the poor, the criminal, and those who have arcane talent but no sponsor to give them a better life are unceremoniously dumped in the LD and left to die. Crime is ridiculously high, and the authorities recently assigned to the area don’t seem to care to do much about.

The Justicar of the LD is Prince Nigel, second son of the High King and a half-elf. He also served in the military, but didn’t stand out at all. The joke around his unit was he slept in every time they were dispatched to fight. The rumor in Uldany, spoken only in hushed tones, is that the High King Antony is displeased with his son and wishes him to die, so he sent him to the roughest district as Justicar to be a target for all of the lawbreakers. In addition, any time a dangerous mission comes up, Prince Nigel is sent to take care of it and is never rewarded when he somehow completes the mission. He is a bitter and hateful person, and many executions have taken place for looking at him funny.

Districts of the Capital City

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