Setting Information

The Kingdom of Uldany has a few basic laws:

1.) Nobody is held in reverance above the High King.
2.) Punishments for crimes are 2x the crime itself.
3.) Agents of the Imperial Army may make arrests on the High King’s authority.

These are in addition to standard laws that go with any basic civilization, don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t damage property, don’t break into places, etc etc.

Magic users are widely descriminated against for their role in the Cataclysm that almost destroyed the world 4000 years ago. Since the second High King, magic users were identified at an early age and sent to special schools where they learned to fine tune their art in preparation for being set in service to a member of high society. There, they would be treated like property for the rest of their lives. Any magic user that commits a crime is sentenced to death without a trial for the most part, but trials are not totally unheard of. Often, they occur when there has been some public outrage surrounding the transgression.

A few that escaped that cycle of slavery were enlisted in the Imperial Army and assigned to one of the Justicars that rule over sections of the city. They are treated worse than their peers, however, and receive less pay for their work. They can also never rise in rank above their enlistment and are discharged and executed if they disobey orders of their commanding officer.

Gods are totally unheard of in this era. Sealed away thousands of years ago, their temples were all torn down and any documents referencing gods were burned. Worship was forbidden, and eventually, nobody knows what a god is anymore. Spirits, however, saw what the mortals did to the gods and fled, going into hiding. They are rare now, but when one does accidentally cross a mortal’s path, the mortals generally quickly attempt to slay it.

All races are available from the first two 4e Player’s Handbooks with exception to the Deva. Other races not listed are on approval by DM and only considered if 4e rules have been published for the race.

Classes are virtually all available. Divine or spiritual classes (paladins, clerics, shaman, etc) are allowed, but do not gain the benefits from being aligned with a god. Shaman are rare and treated even worse than magic users because of their affinity to speaking with the spirits. All classes that use magic are second-class citizens in Uldany and its lands, but some places only treat them with a mild level of suspicion.

Keep in mind for the first game (and character gen) that all players will be in a tight-knit group of adventurers that recently enlisted with the Imperial Army in Uldany. You were travelling companions before enlistment and signed up together. You were assigned to District 6, which covers the docks and slum areas of the city.

Setting Information

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