The Kingdom of Uldany

Uldany, the figurative center of the world. The city so vast that it takes days to walk from the west gate to the east. A fortress so tall that it can be seen for a hundred miles. And more people living in the city than anywhere else on the continent. The High King, Antony XIII, is the 50th High King of Uldany in its glorious 4000th year as the capital of the world.

Uldany is located along the southern shores of the continent. The port is the hub of all trade in the entire world, taking ships from the Elven/Fey kingdom of Elystra, the Free Lands, the Tribal Lands, and from Mecca, the only other large human civilization in the world. Trade also comes in over land from the mountainous regions in the center of the continent.

All of the rulers of the various smaller kingdoms pay tribute to the High King, but maintain their autonomy and caste systems. But the world over, there is extreme prejudice toward those who can wield magic, the force blamed for the Cataclysm just over 4000 years ago. Now, magic users are branded and forced into servitude of kings, lords, and noblemen and are put to death without trial for any transgressions.

Elystra, the kingdom of the fey and the elves, is marked at its borders by giant trees that reach up to blot out the sky. The City of the Border, Wylyki, is the only area that people may come and go freely through their lands. The King of the land, the fey-blooded Drassil, makes his residence there and personally receives guests that have business with his people. Travel through the woodland without permission and permit is punishable by death, and the archers of their land are without equal.

The Free Lands are a large collection of farming communities beyond the reaches of the other kingdoms. Nestled between the mountain ranges of Bar’dur and the north-eastern coastlands, the people live as they see fit. The peace is kept by the Stone Men, law enforcers that are rumored to be made of living rock. Nobody sees the Stone Men, they just know when a law was broken and show up to judge the transgressor, often in the middle of the night. The only sign of their passing is a missive left attached to their residence stating that the judged was found guilty. The person is generally never heard from again. The ruler of the land is an elected official bearing the title of Public Speaker. They serve as the creator of the laws of the land and head of the Stone Men. When their term of office expires, the Stone Men take them away and put signs up announcing the next election series. Terms generally last for 20 years, and office is kept in the port town of Praetus.

The Tribal Lands consist of two areas, the Cold Plains and the Burning Sands. While they are not directly connected, they are both considered Tribal Lands. The City of Tents is the closest thing to a capital that they have. The Burning Sands have a Tribal Council that oversees the affairs of the local people, and is made up of the various leaders of tribes of orcs, half-orcs, tieflings, and other undesirables. They are generally very accepting and hospitable.

The Cold Plains, however, is a very harsh and unforgiving land, and the people reflect that. Tribes of feral humanoids and Goliath roam the area, constantly challenging each other for territory or raiding villages that dare try and settle up in the area. The Cold Plains are named for the chill wind that often blows down off the mountains. The soil is rich and crops come to harvest faster than the rest of the world, and the natural hot springs that appear around the area are said to have healing properties, making the area desirable to try and settle.

The mountains of Bar’dur are the home of the dwarven lords and their king, Baccus the Unmoving. They control all of the mining operations in the area, and are very aggressive toward people moving in on them. Their domain is actually carved into the mountains, and tunnels take them across the range in a fraction of the time that it takes to cross over land. The mountain tops, however, are the home of the main Goliath population, and the fighting between those races never ceases.

It is well-documented that the world is flat, and ships have been seen sailing off the edge of the world in virtually every direction from the continent. People are generally allowed to freely travel the world as long as the local land’s laws are respected. However, any caves or ruins sealed with the mark of the High King are not to be trespassed into. Doing so is considered treason and punishable by death.

The Kingdom of Uldany

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